Shine bright like a unicorn. Not.

Konnichiwa, Bitches.

As I told you I'm currently in Kiel to visit my bestie Ryoko. Today we went shopping together...surprise, surprise. We bought most of our stuff at Claire's and H&M. It's not that much, but I want to save my money and spend it in Hamburg next week. XD Enough said, now some pics of our gets.

Ryo's stuff. Concealer and Eyeshadow Base

Also hers. 

Her Mejibray Koichi inspired blouse...thing 

Finally my stuff. Bracelet from Claire's

We bought the same earrings :D

And a pullover from H&M. So hipster it hurts.

Ryo also got herself a new dress. She bought it from a friend of hers.

Sugary Carnival Replica ! 

Isn't her face pretty?

Again, so hipster it hurts.

Dinner :D More or less.


Now we will continue watching videos of our favourite bands and then...let's see. :>
Mata ne~

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