Eisbrecher SCHOCK Tour @ Ringlokschuppen, Bielefeld 13.03.2015


It seems like an eternity since I last wrote an entry on this blog.
The main reason is that really nothing important happened in the meantime.
No fun meet ups, cons, or other events. Not even contact lenses to review!
But last Friday, exactly Friday 13th I finally went to a concert again.

This time I went to see Eisbrecher on their current tour. At first I thought about writing this entry in German because I think that music like this isn't as common in foreign countries, but since most of my readers aren't native speakers I thought I might write this in English again.

Be prepared for some weird sounding bilingual shit then!

The concert was in Bielefeld, which means it was only an hour away from me. Finally a concert that didn't require a 3 hour long train journey, ugh.
I went there with my mom, kind of as a present since it was her birthday on Sunday and we both like this kind of music.

We arrived at the venue it was about 10 minutes before the doors opened, yet we were actually early enough to get a place in the middle of the fifth row,..even after having a beer first..
Remember how I went to Born X Lycaon 8 hours early and only stood in the 2nd row?
J-Rock fans need to get their shit together and look at the gothic (or whatever you want to call these people, I have no clue to be honest) community.

Most people were pretty nice and friendly. The only thing that bothered me were the 2 guys standing in front of me. Both at least 190cm tall. And then theres me, even smaller than Vic Fuentes.
I still regret the fact that I didn't wear my platform shoes, although I would've probably died wearing them,
Being some kind of a gnome is a torture when it comes to concerts,

When the concert started, Alex got on stage, threw some stuff into the crowd (like apples, bananas, a stuffed polar bear and a towel if I remember it correctly). He then announced the support band and disappeared again.

Maerzfeld played a few songs including one from their upcoming Album. I never heard of them before and I was pretty impressed. Support bands are mostly hit or miss, but these guys clearly know how to warm up a crowd, haha.
Not to mention the guitar player I already fangirled about on twitter, lol.

Afterwards it was finally time for Eisbrecher.
They played some songs from their new Album but also included some of their really old songs. To me, the setlist was beyond perfect.
What surprised me the most was that most songs sounded better live. All in all, their show was awesome and I had a lot of fun.
Here's the setlist for those of you who are interested

Eisbrecher Setlist Ringlokschuppen, Bielefeld, Germany 2015

"Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn", "Schwarze Witwe" and "This Is Deutsch" are some of my all time favourites of theirs. 
I also liked "Miststück" a lot because it's the perfect song to let out your frustration when you're mad at someone, but sadly they had to cancel this song shortly before it was actually finished.

A tragical accident happened when Alex threw a flag of Bielefeld, which he had on stage during this song, into the crowd. A woman that stood near me was hit by it, broke down and had to get pulled out of the crowd because of a bleeding wound on her head. Fortunately, an ambulance was called immeadiately.

They finished their show with a song called "Schlachtbank", but no one, not even the band themselves, was able to enjoy it anymore. Sadly.
Up to that point the concert was amazing.

The band came on stage again to say goodbye, without Alex though. He went to look after the victim of the flag incident.

All in all I had a great time and I really want to see them live again one day, but I am still quite sad about the sudden ending of the show.
Oh well. Typical Friday 13th, huh?

Here are some pictures I took during the show:

Maerzfeld first!

You see that giant baldybum in front of me all the time? He ruined all of the photos u_u

The flag of doom....;_;

That's it for today. 

Next week I will finally go to Hamburg with my brother and my friend Sarina and we're going to see Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens. FINALLY! I ordered my ticket in August.
Can't wait for the meet & greet as well, haha. Although I am nervous as heck.

I also recieved some new contact lenses from Klenspop AND I am planning on a new video.
So maybe I will post more often during the easter holidays.

Oh by the way, did you notice the new design I made?
I decided to change the title into one of my favourite All Time Low songtitles since my last title was stolen from Mejibray and I am not really interested in them anymore.
Please tell me what you think about it. It was a crapload of work although it doesn't look like it was...haha.

Another thing that changed is that I decided to use my real name instead of my japanese nickname online. 
I just started to feel more comfortable with it.
You can still call me Kazu though! I am just losing interest in this whole Japan-thing at the moment.

Well then, see you soon!