Linkin Park w/ Of Mice & Men "The Hunting Party Tour" @ ÖVB-Arena Bremen, 20.11.2014

Hey guys!

If you read that in an AmazingPhil voice, I'll love you forever. If not, it's also okay. I just needed a nice introduction for today's entry which is, as promised, about the Linkin Park concert in Bremen last thursday.

It was by far the best concert I've ever been to. I might say this after every concert, but I am sure nothing will ever be better than this evening.

Me that day :>

Both, Linkin Park and their support band Of Mice & Men were incredible live. Even better than I expected.

The show started at about 19:30, I arrived at the venue around 4pm. There were already a lot of people waiting and the queue was incredibly long. Yet I somehow managed to end up in the fifth row.
At first 2 really tall guys stood in front of me, but after the first guy who was dressed inappropriately like a typical business man or something got out of my way, I had the nicest view when Of Mice & Men came on stage.
Most people in the audience didn't seem to know them, but I did and  I really adore their music.
Here's their setlist, for those of you who are interested in it;

1. Public Service Announcement
2. Feels Like Forever
3. Bones Exposed
4. Would You Still Be There
5. Another You
6. Identity Disorder
7. The Depths
8. You're Not Alone

Except for "The Depths", all of the songs are from their newest record "Restoring Force". It was okay for me since this was the album that made me fall in love with their music. But I would've wished for some of their older songs as well.
Nevertheless, their show was awesome. I was one of the few people that actually started headbanging and jumping around then since not many people are familar with the band.
For "Another You" Austin asked us to get out our phones or lighters. The whole venue was lightened only by those small little lights and it looked amazingly beautiful.
And before "The Depths", he told us to get on our knees and when the main part of the song started, everyone jumped in the air It was so AWESOME!

Photo credits: @inlovewithnirvana on Tumblr

They sounded really nice, too. The instrumental was great, especially the drums. I also really love Aaron's singing voice a lot!
And, what can I say, me and my mom both fell in love with Austin Carlile.
All in all it was a nice show and I wouldn't mind seeing them again. Sadly their next Europe Tour takes place next March when I am already at 3 other concerts (Eisbrecher, Pierce The Veil & Sleeping With Sirens and Black Veil Brides, whoop!)

After their performance, it took a while until the stage was prepared for Linkin Park.
And when it started, my heart stopped for a short moment.
Do you know this feeling when you're at a concert of a band you like since ages for the first time and it suddenly hits you when they enter the stage?
They started with a short intro, the rest of the setlist looked like this:

Linkin Park Setlist ÖVB-Arena, Bremen, Germany 2014, The Hunting Party

To be honest, I couldn't have asked for a better setlist. They included some of their really old songs as well as their new ones. Mike even performed a song from his Fort Minor era. What was pretty awesome because the person next to me (no, I couldn't tell if it was a he or a she and I am afraid of misgendering this really adorable human being) and I looked at each other and rapped along to it, ending up with a big smile on our faces.

Moreover, I started crying when they started playing "Leave Out All The Rest". Chester has such a powerful voice and put a lot of emotions in this song. It was SO touching, I can't put my feelings into proper words.
Since they played so many songs, some of them were shortened a little, for example "Runaway". I was glad that they played it though since it reminds me of a time where staying strong was my No. 1 priority and I somehow got over that phase.
I have quite many memories connected to their songs, mostly because I started listening to them when I was in year 5 and they were one of the bands that got me into "harder" music.
Most of the time I was singing along, jumping, headbanging and trying not to burst into tears.
Sometimes it was kind of difficult because a woman in front of me got injured and sat down on the ground every few minutes so we had to  keep trying not to hurt her. I felt so sorry for her.
She missed one of the greatest feelings ever because she wasn't able to enjoy herself properly.
One of my personal highlights was Joe's solo.
It was like an earthquake, Describing what it felt like is pretty hard. You have to experience it if you want to know what I am talking about. Let's just say that I could feel the bass racing through my whole body...somehow,..(wow that sounded weird)

I literally loved ALL the songs they played. I tried to sing along as much as I could but sometimes it didn't work due to overwhelming feelings or too much jumping and headbanging.
The encore was the best thing ever, not only because of the songs played, but also because they once again gave their everything to entertain the crowd.
During "Bleed It Out", the last song, everyone sang the "Lift me up, let me go"-part of "The Catalyst" because Chester told us to and it was so amazing to hear the whole crowd sing.
Linkin Park really know how to pull off an awesome show and how to entertain their fans. They're very talented musicians and one of the best live bands in my opinion.
My neck hurts like hell from all the headbanging crap, but I don't really care. It was totally worth it!

All in all, I obviously had a great time and a new Nr. 1 favourite concert.
Thanks to everyone who made that evening so special.
I really hope I can see both bands again one day.

See you!

(not my video, credits to the owner)