Shine bright like a unicorn. Not.

Konnichiwa, Bitches.

As I told you I'm currently in Kiel to visit my bestie Ryoko. Today we went shopping together...surprise, surprise. We bought most of our stuff at Claire's and H&M. It's not that much, but I want to save my money and spend it in Hamburg next week. XD Enough said, now some pics of our gets.

Ryo's stuff. Concealer and Eyeshadow Base

Also hers. 

Her Mejibray Koichi inspired blouse...thing 

Finally my stuff. Bracelet from Claire's

We bought the same earrings :D

And a pullover from H&M. So hipster it hurts.

Ryo also got herself a new dress. She bought it from a friend of hers.

Sugary Carnival Replica ! 

Isn't her face pretty?

Again, so hipster it hurts.

Dinner :D More or less.


Now we will continue watching videos of our favourite bands and then...let's see. :>
Mata ne~

Kidnap the Sandy Claws, tie him in a bag. Throw him in the ocean, then see if he is sad ♪

Heeey Guys.
It's Christmas time ! Surprise, surprise. Hope y'all spent your days like you wanted to. My days have been nearly perfect. Everything was so funny, I met some new people and of course I got great presents I want to share with you :3

Nahw, my new cam. It's sooo great ! Hehe~
Also got I tripod for it~

Eyeshadow and blush palette by Catrice. My brother gave it to me. So nice :3
I love the colours of the eyshadows, even if their coverage isn't the best. But brown shades usally suit me best.

A book Manami-chan created for me *_* Best gift ever !
It contains pics of my childhood, my fave bands, Vocaloid & Mameshiba stuff, pics of my friends and more. I nearly cried while reading it because it's such a nice idea.
I love you, Imouto-chan !♥

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Character Book *^* Also from Manami.
And a bath ball from my dear Annika. Thank you !

Well, that's everything. I also got some cards and money, but I don't think I have to take photos of this stuff. XD On Thursday I'll leave Hameln for a week to visit my bestie Ryoko-chan. We're going to take lots of photos and of course we'll also go shopping. Be prepared.
When I'm back home I'm also going to meet Julice and well...let's see who will join us. It's going to be epic anyways :D
Mata ne !

Picture Overload ~

Hey there.
Oh gosh. It snowed like a motherfucker during the last week....and motherfuckers snow a lot. :D (Love you Andy...XD)
But I like it...somehow. I don't's cold as fuck and I'm not in the best mood. Nevertheless I want to show you some pics I took. :>

View out of my window. I love it <3

Here I present you my fatness.

Too light? XDDD

New shoes....

My dog. <3 He's already 8 years old, still love him :3


Leo !

Ice Ice Baby.

And today before I went to the theatre with my dear friend Manami. :>

So, you can see my hairstyle in the photos. I don't really like it because of the VERY greenish colour. But I'm doing my best to get a normal shade of brown.
I also purchased a new wig from ebay I'll get for christmas. It's a long, straight, grey one. My new camcorder already arrived. That means I'll start my YouTube activities again...

But it's time to say "MATA NE" to everyone now. Love y'all <3 - Attentionwhoring of doom.

Hello my fluffy puffy pinkie kawaii...whatevers, I'm not VenusAngelic or Uranus Devilish....or however you want to call her.
I just want to talk about...DADAM ! THINGS THAT ANNOY ME.
Because I'm really pissed about stuff that's currently going around our beloved

Yesterday I got a mail there. An anon sent me a message containing a link to a persons profile and a text like "Urgh, go and hate on her, she cuts herself, so disgusting"


Guys. Cutting is a serious problem. Do you really think people start caring for you because of those messages which are obviously written by yourselves?
And the worst thing is when you even talk about it like it's nothing. Like "Oh yeah, I cut myself. Yes, I'm using a razorblade, what else? No, I only have three scars and I'd show them to you anytime, they're a part of me"
On Where everyone can read it. Spreading the link all over this page.

I know that there are people who have serious problems with self harm and depression. Everyone has his own way to deal with things like that. But when you're really fighting a battle against yourself because of self harm/ cutting problems, you don't really want everyone to know about it, I think.
There's a big difference between mental illness and attentionwhoring.

And cutting for attention is no solution. It leaves it's marks. You're going to regret it someday. If you want attention you better start blogging, filming YT vids or you just dye your hair in an extreme colour and create a fanpage for yourself with a very creative scene name that contains either words like "cookiecore" or the name of a serious illness.
But cutting for attention is like making fun of people who are really battling with it. And they deserve better, they deserve to be healthy and to live a normal live.
You can cure your first world problems in a different way.

Thats everything I wanted to say.
Maybe I'm going to post the pics I took with my little brother on sunday in the next days.
I don't know...I have a big ass hair problem, if you know what I mean.
Keep on shining & mata ne ♥

Mini Haul & Update ~

Konichiwa, bitches.
No, just joking. Hello everyone out there.
How was your day so far? Mine was actually pretty boring. I had to study for tomorrow's French test. I'm so fucked...asdfghjkl ><
Anyway. I want to show you my latest gets.
On Saturday I went to Hameln with my family. Christmas market started on Wednesday and we wonted to go there together. It was pretty much fun. I met Jessica, Vanessa and her exchange student and some other ppl from my class. But most of the time I spent with the delicious food and the buy stocks. I found a cute necklace that I just HAD to buy because it reminded me of Kuroshitsuji. XD I also bought some new make-up stuff at DM and a new sweater from New Yorker. 

The necklace I was talking about. I LOVE IT. Just 4 euros ♥

And the sweater from New Yorker (9,95 Euros because SALE :D)
It looks like a potato sack in the pic...but it's very pretty and comfy to wear ~

New Foundation by alverde called "4 in 1 COLOR & CARE FOUNDATION"
The texture kinda reminds me of a BB cream. I love it because it's very light and I love having pale skin like a corpse.
Sad thing is that you have to put on more than 1 layer to build up the coverage. But I don't care, I love it anyways ♥

New eyeliner, also by alverde.Well... not the best coverage and the brush is very thick, too.
But it does its job...what do I want more?

So, these were my gets.
Now for the update. I'm going to change again. Soon my blue hair will be gone because I want to go back to my natural haircolor. I'm going through a very hard time at the moment and some things just need to be changed. I'm also going to change my hairstyle and my clothing style just keeps evolving.
On 27th December I'll jump into the train again and drive off to Kiel because I'm visiting my dear Mio again.
She's also going to start a blog which you should visit. I created a header for her, muahaha ♥ Just click on her name, I linked her blog.

Don't worry. I'll still be your Kazu, I'm still interested in the same things, I'm just evolving. Just as my fave bands are doing and well...actually everyone else at my age. I just need a change that makes everything better and I have to find out how I can do this.

But enough with the emotional crap.
See you in the next days! Mata ne ♥

Thanks to Mio for making me fall in love with Mejibray ;A;