Why so serious? Get your crayon !

Hey there, world.
I'm back with something a little more creative.
I've noticed a lot of melted crayon art pics going around the Internet in the last time, so I decided to do a picture like this by myself and show it to you.
Well, I like the result, even if I fucked some things up. XD

What you need:

  • a canvas
  • some crayons
  • a glue gun
  • a blow dryer
  • maybe acrylic paint
  • carton paper

The following steps are actualle really simple. But be prepared, it takes some time!

First you put on your crayons on the canvas just to see if you have enough of them. I used about 2 packages. Then you hot glue them on in the order you want them to be. Now wait until the glue dryed and cooled down. Meanwhile you can cut out a heart shape out of the carton paper and put it on the canvas. Don't use your glue gun to glue it on, you'll have to remove it later ! For this step I used a glue stick.
When the glue dryed, put some newspaper on the floor, lean the canvas against the wall and start melting the crayons with a blow dryer. You don't want them to melt completely, just that the colour is runnig all over the canvas. If it looks like rainbow puke: You're doing it RIGHT ! :D
When your done, let the wax of the crayons cool down and remove the heart. I drew on the heart shape on my canvas with black acrylic paint, but this is optional.
Well, now you're done !

What do you think? It was reaaally fun to do it.^^

I did a little tutorial on LM.C Maya's Eye Make-Up..well, at least inspired by him.
Check it out !

Awkward thumbnail XDD

Okay guys, that's everything for today because I have to learn for a test.
Mata ne ! ♥

'Cause it's the end and I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid to die. ♪

Hello, Lovelies :)
I'm sorry for my...well, can I say hiatus? Everything was a bit complicated and many things went wrong again. My life turned into something kinda horrible and I'm glad that today I finally feel better. So, as I told you I went to Hannover some time ago. I bought lots of new stuff there, as well as here in Hameln. But I don't want to show every single thing to you...lazy bitch. :P
Halloween was kinda strange this year...so I don't have any photos left. Just some usual pics I took some days ago when I got bored. But I'm wearing my wig because I don't really like my current hairstyle. Hope the problem can be fixed in the next week. I need a change on my fucking head.
So...as I told you, many things happened and I'm not even done with all this shit. So I won't post really often in the future. First I need to find solutions for my current personal problems. And this is reaallly everything but easy.
In this case I just leave you with some pics. Mata ne ♫

New hoodie...TEDDY EEEARS !

Scarf and cross ring - also new ♥

Kinda...hipster...fuck off.

And my baby ~