Hair Update, Pastel Goth Nails & News.

Hey there ! -waves-
Long time no see....again x_x Ahh, I'm so sorry, but still school is keeping me busy and there are tons of other things to do. Soon it's my birthday and I'm going to spend it with my family and my dear Julice. I already got the parents from my parents - my Lip Piercing and tickets for BVB's concert in Hamburg. Oh well, BVB's Europe Tour was cancelled so I'm sitting here with my tickets....FUCKIN WAITING FOR THE NEW DATES. If the tour wasn't cancelled I'd be in Hamburg right now with my cutie....and it makes me so angry that I have no chance to see her now... so I have to wait until we meet in the summer holidays.
But, as said, I finally got my first piercing done. Nothing special, just a usual lip piercing, but it's very special to me because ... a small dream came true. :3
Also I dyed my hair a few weeks ago...and I'm blonde now ! Haha XD
Enough said, here are some pics.

My hair timeline...starting last year....until now. Creepy, isn't it? I changed so much....

Not edited, whoop. I look so fucked up XDD

My pastel goth inspired nails. I'm not really talented at doing my nails, but I'm proud of how it turned out. :)

I used a huge amount of different nail polishes for it. Bought the mint green and lavender ones at the KIKO store in Hannover - Is it possible to marry a nail polish?

#hipster #yolo #swag #obey
If you know what I mean.

First pic with my labret, taken about 1 hour after I got it. I totally love it and it was such a great decision to get it. What do you think? Does it suit me? :/ Because some creepy anon on Tumblr told me it doesn't and that I should get a nostril mememememe...

So...I finally reached 30 Followers so as promised, I'm going to do a giveaway soon. My blog had his first anniversary as well, so I want to say thank you to all my followers ♥

I'm going to put up a survey again about what you want me to post. Please have a look at it and join. :D

That's it for today. Be prepared for some huge birthday posts. :D
Mata ne~