Pictures & Haul :>

Konnichi wa, my lovely readers !
Finally I found the time to write something again. I'm currently very busy with school, but just one week and I'll have 2 weeks of holidays which I'm going to spend with my besties.
So...last weekend I met Cutie and her friend Yuuki in Hameln. Sadly I haven't got any good pics of us. My hair looked horrible as well, so I decided to cut my bangs on tuesday. On Friday our school choir occured at a charity event in our school. We sang "Fields of Gold" by Sting and, I fucking hate it, "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. But it was actually pretty funny. Everyone was so nice and it was such a nice atmosphere.
Yesterday I went to a drugstore to buy some stuff again AND I tried out the Ulzzang Tomboy-style. So I have a lot of pictures for you ! Also my cutie Yuuka came over, so I wasn't alone this weekend. Just asdfghjkl. <3

Konnichi wa, ihr süßen Leser !
Endlich habe ich mal wieder Zeit, etwas zu schreiben. Momentan bin ich ziemlich mit meinem Schulkram beschäftigt, aber nur noch eine Woche und ich habe wieder 2 Wochen Ferien, die ich natüürlich mit meinen Süßis verbringen werde.
Letztes Wochenende habe ich Cutie und ihre Freundin Yuuki in Hameln getroffen. Leider habe ich keine guten Bilder von uns. Außerdem sahen meine Haare ziemlich schrecklich aus, weshalb ich Dienstag beschlossen habe, meinen Pony wieder zu schneiden. Am Freitag hatten wir mit dem Schulchor einen Auftritt auf einer Wohltätigkeitsveranstaltung in der Schule. Wir haben "Fields Of Gold" von Sting und, ich hasse es, "Call Me Maybe" von Carly Rae Jepsen gesungen. Aber eigentlich war es ganz witzig. Alle waren so lieb und die Atmosphäre war auch voll toll.
Gestern war ich bei DM und habe mal wieder eingekauft. Außerdem hab ich den Ulzzang Tomboy Style ausprobiert. Demnach gibt es mal wieder eine Bilderflut. Yuuka hat mich dann auch noch besucht, weshalb ich nicht allein sein musste. Asdfghjkl <3 


My wig kinda reminds me of Ko-ki's current hairstyle. Me gusta !

So, this is the stuff I bought at DM. Not that much, but hey, I'm just a poor schoolgirl. XD I usually buy whatever's cheapest.

Das Zeug, was ich bei DM gekauft hab. Es ist nicht so viel, aber ich bin eben auch nur eine arme Schülerin. Normalerweise kaufe ich, was am günstigsten ist.

Oil Shampoo & Conditioner, Hair Oil, make-up remover towels & mask - Balea
Red nail polish "113 do you speak love?" & quick dry top coat - essence
Camouflage foundation - alverde
Powder - Manhattan Clearface

The nail polish *^* I love it. It was just 1,59. Quality isn't the best..but for me it's enough. :3

I have to stop here and continue learning for tomorrow. Just 5 more days of school ;A; Please let me survive this. See you soon !

I höre hier mal auf und lerne weiter für morgen. Nur noch 5 Tage Schule ;A; Bitte lasst mich das überstehen.
Man sieht sich !

ViViD - Natsubana 

My room, latest gets and randomness C:

Hi there ^0^
Finally I'll post something long promised. In a survey I asked you a while ago what you'd like me to post here. Most people wanted to see a view of my room. It's really nothing special, I don't like it at all, but well, you asked for it, so I'll give you a little tour of my room.
I also got some presents from my beloved Imouto-chan Manami. She was in the UK the last days and got me some creepy cute stuff from Oxford. Oh my god, I love you. :3
Oh, and I also went to Hameln again. With Yuu-chan of course. And we took some pictures, just as usual. So prepare yourself for a picture heavy entry. :3

Hi ihrs. ^0^
Endlich poste ich mal etwas, was ich schon länger versprochen hatte. In einer Umfrag habe ich vor längerer Zeit mal gefragt, was ihr hier gerne sehen würdet. Die meisten entschieden sich für einen kleinen Einblick in mein Zimmer... Es ist nun wirklich nix besonderes, ich mag es selbst nicht besonders. Aber ihr wolltet es so, deshalb bekommt ihr eine kleine Führung durch mein Zimmer.
Außerdem habe ich ein paar kleine Geschenke von meiner Imouto-chan Manami bekommen. Sie war die letzten Tage in England und hat mir ein bisschen Zeug aus Oxford mitgebracht. Ich hab dich liiieeb <3
Ach ja, und ich war mal wieder in Hameln. Mit Yuu-chan natürlich. Wie immer haben wir dort Bilder gemacht. 
Also bereitet euch auf eine Bilderflut vor.

Saturday. :3 There were sooo many ducks *A*

2 girls from my class totally loved this picture. I like it, too.
What do you think about my hairstyle? :3

Uhm XD 

CUTIEEE ♥ I love yooouuu~

 Now for my room C:

My door (outside) It's a bit empty...but I love these posters ♥

My door from the inside of my room XD
Sooo many pics of Shin (23 I think) You guys have no idea how much I love him. <3

Some Decora necklaces, random stuff and my Pikachu-bag. 

Just a few (!) of my plushies and some random candy on my commode. In the background there's a pic of a japanese garden. Oh, and also my telephone on the right. 

My shelf. Well, here are some old magazines, my diary, more random sweets, my hat, my wig etc.
What is tidiness ?

Closer view. Damaged wig is damaged. Oh, and some chinese money, I think XD

On the left there's my sleeping mask and some hairclips in a box. My Mangas in the background aaand some eyelashes and my circle lensies on the right. Euhm, ignore those other books down there...except Harry Potter :D

My bed.
Too small for a pervert like me.
And of course more soft toys !

Very important ! (not)
Some fabric, a bag and a book.

My TV. Don't laugh. I got it from my grandma and it still works, so why spend a lot of money for another one. I like it and it's enough for me. :3

My desk. :D Very clean, I know.

Random stuff and nail polish lying around. ♪ And a Jack Skellington I made for school XD

My wardrobe, surprise, surprise ! I don't listen to SuG anymore, but I still love LM.C and Kuroshitsuji. No view of the inside, sorry guys. Oh, of course more cuddly things up there.

Very cool wall.

My sofa. And my last 2 plushies XD

My little duck family. The rainbow ones and the small one with the skulls are from Caro, the fairy princess (her name is Manabu) is from Vana and the little yellow one with the hearts on is from Anni. My newest one is the grey-lilac duckie. Mai gave it to me in the summer holidays. :3

My baby *A* His name is Steve :D

My dancing shoes and handbag XD
Wall 2. With my self painted pictures on. I loved Kyary's Mameshiba collection. <3
And of course Psyduck. He's the best. <3

Just the stuff Manami got me. Thank you !

So, I think I've tortured you enough. I'm off for dancing lesson now. See you in the next days !

Ich glaube, ich habe euch jetzt genug gequält. Muss jetzt eh zum Tanzen. Bis die Tage !