Summer Holiday Post #3 - Small Photoshoot with Ryo

Hey there.
So, today Ryo left and now I'm alone again -hides in a corner to cry-
But we had a really great time and we even took some photos in my garden out of boredom.
The weather was shitty so we had fun posing with her umbrella...well, most of the time we were just derping around...

Guess who glued on Ryos lashes? :DD

Dirty shoes are dirty...

And here I present you the ultimate derp. :DDDDD

Shopping Update will follow as well.
Mata ne ♥

Summer Holiday Post #2 - Random Pics

Hey dears.
How has your summer been so far? Mine has been really great lately because as I told you, my cute Ryo-chan is visiting me like every year and we're totally busy doing the most senseless things you can imagine.
Also, already some time ago I went to Hannover and Bremen with Julice what was actually more or less a fail, but it was fun anyways.
Today I just want to share some pics I took.
Sorry for the bad quality, but since I have a new phone I started taking photos with it really often because it's easier for me.


Staaaaarbucks, whoop ! Everyone's too stupid to spell my name..(IT'S NEELE, NOT NELE OR NELEE OK?? OK? Ok.)


And now some Instashit:

Watching Born on NicoNico ~
Never ever leave me alone with a Purikura App again...
Aaand ViViD. Here you can see Reno a.k.a. Mr. Elf...

Today before we went to Hannover together,

Aaaand even more Starbucks stuff like true #Yoloswaggyhipstergurls. Vanilla Cream Frapuccino~

My next post will be a small shopping update on what I recently bought. Now we're going to watch the DVD that came with the D=Out CD Ryo bought today. Tomorrow we're meeting Julice again and that's pretty much it. Mata ne !

Party Hard.

Summer Holiday Post #1

Hey guys. It's been a while again.

My holidays are always the same, every fucking year. I spend most of the time sitting in front of my laptop or hugging my fan and rarely go outside. But this year is a little bit different, because I planned to meet my friends more often. And on Friday, I finally met Anna-Lea again. I know her since we've been to same elemantary school but we didn't meet up in AGES.
So we decided to take hang out in Hannover together and because we both didn't want to spend so much money there, we sat at the Maschsee most of the time. (For my foreign readers: We just hung out like sourcraut near a lake)
Of corse we took some photos together we go ! -spamspamspam-

 Yesss. We had no clue where to go so we took some crappy pictures of random buildings at first. But thanks to Annas new smartphone we found the way !

Seems like someone was partying hard here. :D

Can anyone tell us what those white ball-thingies are...?

Actually we wanted to take some good photos. Thankies Anna, you tried, but stupid me ist too stupid for posing so enjoy a few fails. :D

My eyes look so strange...

Ducks. Ducks everywhere.

This one was by far my favourite (=゚ω゚)ノ♡

I got myself my favourite energy much swag !

Later we also went to the city and enjoyed some really good asian fast food. Chicken with noodles and sweet chilly sauce !

And here I present you our picture of tha day ♥

Next week my cutie Ryo will finally visit me again. begins. Be prepared for derpy stuff, lots of fails and even more derpy shit ! Also I plan on meeting the people I got to know on the J-Day again aaand driving around with Julice.
Oh, and one last thing before I go: I am on INSTAGRAM now since I finally got a new mobile phone, so follow me if you want to, I follow back!  My Username is kazumeatsix C:

Mata ne ♥

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