Mejibray Tsuzuku Make-up & Video

Hi everyone!

The last week was hard...but my work paid off and I have a few days to relax now. Last Saturday I had my DELF exam (some kind of french language diploma) and ugh, I'm so glad it's finally over. Now I have to wait about 3 months until I get the results, whay.
And this week, well, we got our school reports (if this is even what they're called in english...I'm actually trusting google translate this time!) and I'm pretty much okay with mine. Compared to my last one, this one's a looot better.
And because my weekend already started on Wednesday after school, I had time to go shopping in Hannover today. Ah, how I love Primark.
Maybe I'll do a haul entry...I found so many great things asdfgh.

But now for the main part of this post:
Last week I also filmed, edited and uploaded a new make-up tutorial on YouTube!
This time my inspiration was the one and only Tsuzuku from Mejibray. He inspires me so much. The lyrics he writes, his appereance and his talent as a musician...
I fell in love with his look from the DECADENCE PV, so I felt the urge to re-create it...and, oh well, here's the result!

Actually I was wearing my Lenzera Sexy Black Circle Lenses...but Tsuzuku was wearing light pink ones in the I edited my eyes with Xiu Xiu Meitu...

Re-creating the CD cover...level over 9000..or something...

Much Video
Very swag
Such please tell me what you think of it
much mata ne! ♥

Ulzzang Photoshoot ♪


It's Sunday again, whoop. Weekends are waaaay too short.
So, yesterday I met up with Julice and we took some photos together.
She finally got her belated christmas present, some beautiful wigs and we decided on doing an Ulzzang Photoshoot.
I really love this style because it's so simple yet cute and you don't have to wear tons of make-up to look cute. Also my new wig was perfect for it.

Pullover, Skirt - H&M
Tights - Primark
Boots - Dr. Martens
Hat - C&A
Scarf - 360° Accessoires 
Accessoires - Claire's, Primark

Yeah...somehow this really doesn't look like me, but I kinda like it, even if I felt totally uncomfortable wearing a skirt. I'm insecure about my body and idk, actually I'm not the feminine type of girl. It was the first time for me leaving the house like this :DD


Julice randomly took a picture of my beloved shoes...:

Later we used my tripod and took derpy pics together ♥



That's actually it. If you want to see Julice's pictures, you should visit her blog. :3 
I planned on filming a new video today...but the lightning outside is crappy, my skin is unhealthy as fuck aaaand I'm too lazy.
Hope I'll find the time next week so I can upload it soon!

Mata ne!

New Wig & Camwhoring

Hello Internet!

First post in 2014, whoop. Hope yours started better than mine.
After I spent the last week of the holidays being socially awkward and not meeting anyone, school started again and...well, what can I say...I already wrote 2 exams, got some old ones back and so far I'm pretty much okay with everything.
Now I just need a social life again and  everything's gonna be fine.
Tbh I'm just pissed with 99,9% of the people around me atm and I'm not even on my period or stuff. 

This week I finally got a new wig.
After I've been at my bby Ryo's place in autumn and tried on her black wig (which she named Maria, god knows why), I decided to buy one myself and finally made it last month.
It arrived on wednesday, so the shipping time was average.
I have to mention that the order was shipped only a few days after I bought it...most of the time orders from China stay in Frankfurt for 2-3 weeks, usually longer than the actual shipping to Germany takes.

However, I bought it from ebay but the seller sold wigs from Wig Supplier where I already got my long silver wig and the Alois Trancy one from.
I love the quality of their wigs, plus it was only 12,61€ -secretly I'm Mr. Crabs-

Content of the package~
Wig & Wig Cap

Aaand the Wig!

For the price, I think it's okay. But as you can see in the picture above, the wig is rather shiny and looks kind of unnatural.
The fibres are very soft and slightly curled towards the ends, what makes the wig look less flat and more voluminous.
Here are some awkward selfies I took today wearing my new bby.

This is like my favourite facial shot of me EVER. Usually my face looks so ugly and idk...but this one is actually ok!

Close up...kind of...actually the bangs are straight but they were a bit too long and I've been too lazy to cut them yet. I'll wear it this way until I'm going to cut them...:D

Julice should've never introduced me to this chinese editing program. I'm using it aaaaalll the time, haha.

When I was 13 I actually had a haircut like this...just a bit shorter...ahaha, I feel like a kawaii-nyappy-Oshare Kei-fangirl again even if I'm the complete opposite right now. :DD

Done for today!
Now I'm going to watch BORN PV's until I have to go to bed because of school tomorrow.
Mata ne!