[DIY] ViViD Ko-ki inspired T-Shirt Design ♥

Hey guys. As I told you in my last post, I bought a simple black tee at Primark. And because it looked a bit plain, I decided to go a little creative with it. So I went to an Art store, bought some fabric paint and started painting the shirt. My inspiration for this was, surprise surprise, Ko-ki again.
Last year when his hair was still red he wore a black-white smiley-printed shirt at the PSC Spring Athletics Show and the same one again on ViViD's Welcome to the ROCKSHOW」-Tour (pics are in Arena 27°C Special 'Asian Place')
Anyway, I loved the T-Shirt so much that I wanted to create something similar...and it worked ! Here's my way on how I painted my shirt.

Up first here's a bad quality pic of Ko-ki with the original shirt. THE TRIANGLE IS NOT A NOSE, IT'S HIS NECKLACE OKAY? XD

First thing you'll need is some carton paper.

White chalk to draw on your pattern.

Of course brushes.

And the white fabric paint. Make sure that it's suitable for dark fabrics because of your black underground.

Then take one of your cartons and cut out a heart shape. If you're good at drawing hearts, this step is optional for you. But I fail at it so I needed the pattern XD

 Put the other piece of carton into your shirt and start drawing on the pattern with your chalk. Of coure you can also draw it on with the white paint, but it's easier like this.

The next step is easy: Just fill in the outlines with the white paint. I needed about 3 layers. It took one night to dry before i ironed it to make the colour stay. Et voilà ! My result:

Fat me is fat.

That's pretty much it. The fabric paint only costs about 4 Euros and the T-Shirt was cheap as well. And now I have my own Ko-ki-look-a-like shirt. Awesome, isn't it? Even my dancing teacher was impressed. XD I'm definetly going to create an outfit with this shirt tomorrow or in the next days.
Hope you liked the post. Mata ne ! ♥

[Haul] I believe that we all fall down sometimes ♪

Hey there, lovelies.

Winter break is over, school started again and I barely have time to do my blogging stuff. But I try my best not to disappoint you. I still love every single one of my readers.
So, what happened during the last week? Well, I got some tests back and I'm pretty happy about the results. But that's not really important here. Ryo and me already planned some stuff for our spring holidays and soon we'll also go to Black Veil Brides' concert in Hamburg. Their new Album "Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones" came out last week and it's just AWESOME. I really love this band and I can say that it's my favourite album of theirs. I'd love to see their movie as well, but I missed the chance to watch it online :c

Yesterday I went to Hannover with my mom. We went shopping because I had some money left from christmas and I needed some new stuff, like new jeans. My old ones don't fit me very well anymore because I lost weight. Not much, but I'm happy about it. I still have a long way to go, but that's another story I don't want to talk about in here. Well, everyone who knows me also knows that I can't live without my black skinny jeans. XD And because there are cheap ones at Primark I went there, as well as to New Yorker and some other stores. These are my gets:

 One of my biggest styling inspirations is definetly Ko-ki from ViViD. I noticed him wearing Mickey Mouse-printed T-shirts very often. And because this one was only 2,95€ at New Yorker, I had to buy it. :D

 Simple bag for school I bought at New Yorker as well. It was only 10€ or even less. I didn't have that much money, so I was looking for cheap things. And I found a lot of stuff. C:
 Black hoodie, also from New Yorker. 10€ :D

 I needed a new pair of tights for dancing. Found them at Primark, but I can't remember the price. Pretty cheap though ^^

 Black jeans, Primark, 8€

Black scarf from Primark, 4€ 

 Simple black shirt from Primark. It was 2,50€ Don't worry, I won't leave it that ugly. I already planned something I want to do with it. Otherwise it would be too plain. 

Socks from primark, 3,50€ Nothing special.

Studded cat ears I found at Tally weil for 2,99€ :D *stupid me left the price tag on* I needed to buy them because of reasons, I don't really know why...but they're kinda cool, so fuck off.

And because I'm a ninja, here's a random photo of le me.

So I'm finished for today. Dunno what I'm going to do next week, but we'll see it then. Of course I'm going to show you what will happen with the black tee. So keep on shining ;)
Mata ne and thank you for visiting. :3

Go and listen to it. You won't regret it, I promise.

Life starts now.

Hey guys & a belated happy new year !
I'm finally home again. Oh Gosh, it was so much fun to see Ryo again, I already started missing her.
We know each other for about 3 years now and she knows me better than anyone else. She means so much to me...:3 I rabu you, hunny ♥
Well, sadly we missed our chance to go to Hamburg because of our lack of sleep. Shit happens. XD
It was great anyways.
When I came home, my new wig was waiting for me. And...damn, it's perfect ! I couldn't be happier. Especially because yesterday was awesome as well. I went to Hameln with Julice and we spent our day drinking Bubble Tea and walking around.

The Mameshiba Ryo got me. I LOVE it.  Its name is Kei. :3

So cute ♥

Derping around at Claire's XD 

Ursula ! While watching...idk. I think it was Mejibray or Born, don't know it anymore !
Noticed SCREW in the Background? Haha :D

Back at home I found this package on my sofa.

The wig !

Le me wearing the wig after a 5 hour trip with the train.
I was so fucking tired and my make-up sucked...oh well.
Oh, I'm wearing Ryo's glasses. They were a present as well because she doesn't need them anymore.

I went to QQT with Julice and we had Bubble tea. The right one was mine:
Cherry Yoghurt !


We headed to one of those strange photo booths to take some photos...more or less.
I love her glasses. :>
I look awkward but Julice is cute :3
(Please don't dislocate your head or neck while looking at the photos. I was to lazy to fix them :D)

Another random pic with my wig & this time with circle lensies.
I want to buy new ones as soon as possible. Any black lenses you would recommend ?

Okay, that's everything for today's post. Now I'm going to watch DSDS (German version of "American Idol" and so on, now that I gained readers from the USA. Thank you by the way :>)
I'm also running a new Tumblr blog at the moment. It's a GERMAN FANPAGE Ryo and me created for Mejibray. Please have a look. At it !
And now...Mata ne !