Life starts now.

Hey guys & a belated happy new year !
I'm finally home again. Oh Gosh, it was so much fun to see Ryo again, I already started missing her.
We know each other for about 3 years now and she knows me better than anyone else. She means so much to me...:3 I rabu you, hunny ♥
Well, sadly we missed our chance to go to Hamburg because of our lack of sleep. Shit happens. XD
It was great anyways.
When I came home, my new wig was waiting for me. And...damn, it's perfect ! I couldn't be happier. Especially because yesterday was awesome as well. I went to Hameln with Julice and we spent our day drinking Bubble Tea and walking around.

The Mameshiba Ryo got me. I LOVE it.  Its name is Kei. :3

So cute ♥

Derping around at Claire's XD 

Ursula ! While watching...idk. I think it was Mejibray or Born, don't know it anymore !
Noticed SCREW in the Background? Haha :D

Back at home I found this package on my sofa.

The wig !

Le me wearing the wig after a 5 hour trip with the train.
I was so fucking tired and my make-up sucked...oh well.
Oh, I'm wearing Ryo's glasses. They were a present as well because she doesn't need them anymore.

I went to QQT with Julice and we had Bubble tea. The right one was mine:
Cherry Yoghurt !


We headed to one of those strange photo booths to take some photos...more or less.
I love her glasses. :>
I look awkward but Julice is cute :3
(Please don't dislocate your head or neck while looking at the photos. I was to lazy to fix them :D)

Another random pic with my wig & this time with circle lensies.
I want to buy new ones as soon as possible. Any black lenses you would recommend ?

Okay, that's everything for today's post. Now I'm going to watch DSDS (German version of "American Idol" and so on, now that I gained readers from the USA. Thank you by the way :>)
I'm also running a new Tumblr blog at the moment. It's a GERMAN FANPAGE Ryo and me created for Mejibray. Please have a look. At it !
And now...Mata ne !


  1. Aaaaw it's such a cute Mameshiba and your wig looks just awesome! Seems you had a lot of fun at your friends place~

    1. Thank you. Yes, it was fun. It always is :D
      Thanks for you comment. :>