[DIY] ViViD Ko-ki inspired T-Shirt Design ♥

Hey guys. As I told you in my last post, I bought a simple black tee at Primark. And because it looked a bit plain, I decided to go a little creative with it. So I went to an Art store, bought some fabric paint and started painting the shirt. My inspiration for this was, surprise surprise, Ko-ki again.
Last year when his hair was still red he wore a black-white smiley-printed shirt at the PSC Spring Athletics Show and the same one again on ViViD's Welcome to the ROCKSHOW」-Tour (pics are in Arena 27°C Special 'Asian Place')
Anyway, I loved the T-Shirt so much that I wanted to create something similar...and it worked ! Here's my way on how I painted my shirt.

Up first here's a bad quality pic of Ko-ki with the original shirt. THE TRIANGLE IS NOT A NOSE, IT'S HIS NECKLACE OKAY? XD

First thing you'll need is some carton paper.

White chalk to draw on your pattern.

Of course brushes.

And the white fabric paint. Make sure that it's suitable for dark fabrics because of your black underground.

Then take one of your cartons and cut out a heart shape. If you're good at drawing hearts, this step is optional for you. But I fail at it so I needed the pattern XD

 Put the other piece of carton into your shirt and start drawing on the pattern with your chalk. Of coure you can also draw it on with the white paint, but it's easier like this.

The next step is easy: Just fill in the outlines with the white paint. I needed about 3 layers. It took one night to dry before i ironed it to make the colour stay. Et voilà ! My result:

Fat me is fat.

That's pretty much it. The fabric paint only costs about 4 Euros and the T-Shirt was cheap as well. And now I have my own Ko-ki-look-a-like shirt. Awesome, isn't it? Even my dancing teacher was impressed. XD I'm definetly going to create an outfit with this shirt tomorrow or in the next days.
Hope you liked the post. Mata ne ! ♥


  1. Wow, I'm really into this design <33

  2. Sehr gelungen!! ♥

    Ich wollte sowas auch shconmal wachen aber irgendwie würde ich mich dann nicht wagen es zu waschen haha...

    1. Vielen Dank ;)
      Das mit dem Waschen ist überhaupt kein Problem. Wenn die Farbe einmal aufgebügelt ist, dann hält sie auch. Hab's jetzt auch schon einmal gewaschen und es hält noch prima. C: