0 PVRIS @ Luxor, Cologne 21.04.2016

Hey folks!

About two weeks ago, on the 21st of April to be exact, I finally saw one of my favourite bands live again: PVRIS. It was my second time seeing them but unlike last time, where they were supporting BMTH on their EU tour, they were doing a headlining tour. Also the concert wasn't exactly around the corner for me: I (well, my dad actually) drove all the way from my hometown to Cologne to see them perform at a tiny venue called Luxor. And the best thing about it: I had a VIP Upgrade, which means I got to meet the band, Prepare for an entry full of fangirling, ranting about some douchebags and a photo in which my face looks like a pancake.

I arrived at the venue pretty late, but just in time for the VIP entry. I think I was there around 5:30pm and the doors for us opened at 6. While queueing I met a nice guy named Daniel who I ended up spending the whole concert with because both of us would've been alone otherwise. Turned out we nearly have the same taste in music.
We entered the venue and were given the stuff included in the VIP package at first: A photobook, a limited shirt which was designed by Lynn and the typical VIP laminate.

VIP stuff feat. the beanie I bought there and really love 

After that, we had to wait for a few minutes until the M&G started.
It all went by so fast.
I met them, was greeted by everyone, hugged them, got them to sign my photobook, took a photo with them and after that, it was already over.
I wish there would've been more time for everyone, but I get that it's not possible.
Nevertheless, it was a great experience. Everyone in PVRIS is so nice and welcoming to their fans. And as most of you probably know, I have a major crush on Lynn, so when I hugged her I asked her if there was a time limit for a hug and guess what, she hugged me again. I still can't get over how lovely she is! Also Alex is a dork. When he signed the photobook he wrote "oop" next to the giant "P" on the cover. Now my photobook has written poop all over it and I love it.

The infamous Poop-Photobook...

My face looks like such a pancake and Lynn seemed like she wasn't impressed that I wanted another hug, but anyway here's the picture.

The show itself was supposed to start at 8pm. But we were waiting and waiting and 15 minutes later the stage was still empty. Luckily I had some people to talk to, so it wasn't that boring, but still we were wondering what the support band was up to.
Turned out they've been stuck in traffic for 5 hours and could not make it to the venue in time.
Therefore, PVRIS were entering the stage at 20:30 already, half an hour earlier than usual.
And holy crap, it was amazing.

Even though it wasn't my first time seeing PVRIS, everything was SO overwhelming. I feel like they've improved their live show in the past few months. Lynn has such a strong, powerful voice and she sounds like she is constantly getting better at everything she does. I'm also a big fan of their touring drummer, Justin. He isn't an 'official' member of the band, but he should be. Such a talented dude!
They started off their set with "Smoke", my absolute favourite song from their Album "White Noise" which they played in full length that evening. Apart from that, they also played "Only Love", a very emotional song from their Acoustic EP.
Sometimes we were holding up our phones instead of lighters to create a suitable atmosphere for the slower songs and at other times we were jumping around and singing along like crazy. Perfect mixture all in all.
But my favourite part was probably when Lynn told us to put our phones in the back pocket of our jeans for the next song, which was "Holy" . To me, this was a great gesture. It really shows that the band wants us to enjoy the music and have fun at the concert without being distracted by a stupid phone. Of course there were some dumb people who thought it was cool to do the exact opposite, but yeah, there are certain types of people you have to deal with at every concert, no matter where you go.

Here's the full setlist from that day:

St. Patrick
White Noise
Only Love
Let Them In

You and I
My House

When they came back on stage for the encore, Lynn was holding up a German flag with the band's logo on that they were given by some fans. Then she promised that PVRIS would come back very soon and oh dear, I really hope so! They are AMAZING live.They put so much effort and enthusiasm into their set and also interact with the crowd a lot. I reaaaally want to see them again.
Plus, I also met some super nice people thanks to them. Not only that I got to know Daniel that evening,
 I also met Kirsten who is a super talented photographer from Cologne. After chatting a bit she offered me to let me use a few of the photos she took that evening because I let her stand in front of me. So, the upcoming photos are taken by her!

Please do me a favour and check out her Facebook or Instagram for more photos. She is super lovely and her work deserves to be seen. :)

I think it's time to finish up that long ass entry here.
Thanks for coming here, I'll be back again soon (hopefully)

See ya!

1 Circle Lenses Review #13 - ELLEN PANDA PM 14 Violet

Hey everyone!

Hope y'all had some nice easter holidays.
I spent the last few days either with friends, studying for my finals or just being lazy.

But nevertheless, I found some time to prepare this review.
I recieved lenses from Klenspop once again. 2 pairs this time. The first ones which I'm gonna show you today are called Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet.

Lens Info

DIA: 14mm
Graphic DIA: 13.7mm
BC: 8.6mm
Using Period: 6month
Water Contect: 38%
Power: 0.00~-5.00(0.25Step)
Manufacturer: LENSPOP
Origin: KOREA
Package: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

These are the small packages the lenses come in. Cute, aren't they? I also recieved a second pair of lenses from the Ellen Series, but since I never had purple lenses before, I've been more excited to try out these ones.
Also look at the adorable little pandas on the bottles! ♥

The moment I've been waiting for: How do they look on my dark brown eyes?

(Excuse my crappy eye make-up and poorly drawn on eyebrows. I suck, sorry.)

Design/Appearance: ♥♥♥
Well...not the most creative design. Very plain and simple. Nothing special and definitely suitable for those who are in search of some decent colourful lenses that aren't screaming "YOO LOOK AT MY EYES, THEY'RE BRIGHT PURPLE AND COOLER THAN YOURS"
Don't know what that was...sorry...you know what I mean. 3 out of 5 hearts though because they are not terrible. Just slightly boring and not exactly my cup of tea.

Colour: ♥♥♥
The colour turned out to show up ok-ish on my eyes. I always take selfies in front of my mirror, but I swear, if you'd meet me in normal room lighting, you won't be able to tell that I am wearing violet lenses. Ah, the curse of having naturally dark eyes strikes again. I really hate it ><

Enlargement: ♥♥♥
What can I say...14mm...my eyes look bigger, but only a tiny bit. Not too unnatural though which is cool...but I honestly don't have a problem with looking slightly fake. Gimme those ginormous Animu eyes!

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♥
I am so satisfied with how comfortable and easy to wear these lenses are! They are suuper nice! I'm probably going to struggle a bit when my hayfever is kicking in again, but until then, they don't seem to be causing any troubles. A+ on that here, Klenspop.

So far, so good. As you can see, not my favourite lenses. But aside from the fact that I am not the biggest fan of the design, I blame my personal preferences and fucking dark brown eyes for that.
I'll give the blue ones a try and let you know what I think about them. See you then!

1 First Tattoo - The Deathly Hallows


It's been a while, hasn't it? If you're new here: welcome! My name is Neele and I am a lazy bum who either posts twice a week or leaves this blog alone for months.
If you actually came back after my hiatus that was neither planned nor announced: Thanks for your patience!
My motivation to blog completely and entirely left me. I'd say it was because I wanted to focus on school, but that would be a lie. I'm just lazy.
And to be honest, I thought about stopping this whole blogging thing completely, because literally nothing interesting happens in my life anymore.
But to keep you updated: I am finishing my last year of school very soon, so I am kinda stressed. I also still have a part time job and most importantly, still sleep quite a lot. Free time? Nah.
A while ago I started working on an entry which I am still not sure if I am going to release. In addition, new lenses by Klenspop are already on their way to me.
Also I might write about the concerts I am going to again even though I didn't post anything about the last 2 I went to.
So yeah, That is basically how I try to get back into blogging.
For now, you'll just have to live with a photo and some information on my very first tattoo which I got a few weeks ago.

Somewhen throughout the last year, I decided that I wanted to get the Deathly Hallows sign tattooed. I wouldn't describe myself as the biggest Potterhead ever, but since Harry Potter definitely had a big impact on my childhood and I am still in love with the books and movies nowadays, this was something I really wanted to do.
And guess what finally happened....

Here's a bad quality cellphone photo my mom took for me right after I got it done.
The whole procedure took about 30-45 minutes and heck, it hurt a lot. It wasn't even half as painful as getting the industrial piercing, yet it wasn't a walk in the park. Pro tip: If you can't take that much pain, don't get a neck tattoo.

But yeah. This was on the 15th of February. It has been healing really well so far and I am totally in love with it. Not the biggest fan of the tattoo artist for some other reasons tho, but that's a whole new story and in case you wanna read about it, I can try and write a giant feminist rant post...but I don't think anyone would enjoy that.
Anyways, here's another photo in better lightning and taken with my Canon 600D.

Well, what do you think about it? Does anyone of you have awesome fandom tattoos or plans on getting some? Please let me know in the comments. I'd love to meet a few fellow inked nerds. (Finally I can call myself that, it's so awesome hahaha)

First of two circle lens reviews is coming in a few days. See you then!

2 Circle Lenses Review #12 - T.TOP CONTACT T20 Choco

*hides under a blanket*

Hello to everyone who still remembers me.
I am deeply sorry for being such a lazy ass and not posting anything in MONTHS.
Let me tell you, school and work kept me busy aaall the time.
I started my last year of school now and as expected, I am literally going through hell. I barely have time for anything fun.

I procrastinated on doing this review for quite a while but today, I can finally present to you the T20 Choco contacts by T.TOP CONTACT that were lying around here for a while. Please forgive me, Klenspop. You know I love you and your beautiful collection of circle lenses!

However. I'm gonna start right here.

Lens Info

DIA: 14.3mm
Graphic DIA:14.0mm
BC: 8.5mm
Using Period: 6month
Water Contect: 38%
Manufacturer: T.TOP CONTACT
Origin: KOREA
Package: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE
Price: $22,00/16,99€

To be honest, I wasn't really amazed by these ones at first. They're brown...and my natural eyes are brown too...so I didn't expect a big difference and I was pretty sure I'd give them away. The design, however, looked quite fancy to me.

As a person who wears long gel nails quite often, I love Klenspop for always including tweezers in their packages. They reeeally help a lot!

One lens in...


Aaand with eye make up...

I was at a concert of Asking Alexandria on Friday and they were supported by In Hearts Wake, a band I reeally like a lot. I just had to buy this beanie at their merch table and now I can't stop wearing it. Not joking, I haven't left the house today, but I am still wearing it...
Okay, enough of that...sorry


Design/Appearance: ♥♥♥♥♡
As I told you, I was quite sceptical about the design at first. But it actually looks really nice. The lenses look surprisingly natural and a lot and the colour fades inwards beautifully. Sadly, the pattern doesn't really show up that much, but thats the only thing I can criticize.

Colour: ♥♥♥♥♡
Although these lenses are called "Choco", the brown seems to be more caramel-ish to me, which I really like to be honest. Instead of the usual "puppy eyes"-effect, they bring a warm, light brown glow to my dark eyes. And as mentioned before, they look really natural, so they're perfect for casual everyday looks!

Enlargement: ♥♥♥♥♡
I've tried a lot of lenses already and these definitely aren't the most enlarging ones. Yet, for a graphic diameter of 14mm, they turned out to be surprisingly enlarging. And they don't even have that typical black circle around them.

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♥
Probably the aspect I am the most happy with. When I took the lenses out of their case, I immediately noticed how soft and thin they are. They are sooo incredibly comfortable, I haven't worn lenses this nice in ages. Wear them and you won't even notice you're wearing lenses. But be careful and don't forget about them when you go to sleep...*laughs*

I guess I made clear how much I love these lenses, even though it wasn't love at first sight.
Thanks to Klenspop for providing me with these babies. I am sooo happy with them and I can really recommend those for people who are looking for nice everyday wear lenses.

Thank you all for reading.
See you!

PS: Do you want me to write about the Asking Alexandria concert? Please let me know in the comments below!

3 Haul (or: how I wasted my money on random crap)

Hey there!

I finally get to write an entry again. What a time to be alive!
No but seriously I am typing this on my new notebook since my old one finally gave up after 5 years a few weeks ago. We've been through a lot of stuff together and I was truly sad when it died. R.I.P. my old friend.
But yeah, I earned quite a lot of money at my current summer job, so I was able to buy a new one. It was rather cheap though, but I really like it!

During the summer holidays, I've been shopping quite often. Oh yes, spending the money you just earned is so much fun when you're actually saving up for your driver's license.
Let's call it procrastinating like a pro.

And because I lack creativity and I am useless trash in general, I'm just gonna show you what I recently bought.

I am totally obsessed with Asking Alexandria at the moment and this baby was one sale on Impericon...I had to...

 Somehow I looove wearing skirts at the moment and I wanted to get new ones. The left one is from Kleiderkreisel, but I think H&M sold it about a year ago. The right one is directly from H&M and it's just so perfect! I feel like a badass anime girl wearing it.

Last week I went to Hannover with my beloved Jenny and her coworker. After eating tons of Sushi, they both wanted to go to Primark and I decided to go with them. This is what happened...

This one is also from Primark. Jenny saw it and immeadiately went like "OH MY GOD THAT WOULD SUIT YOU SO WELL, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT ON!" and guess she was right. I looove it!

Another treasure from Primark. Breaking Bad is just the best!

On the left, you can see the vanilla & coconut scented candle I bought at Primark for 2€. It smells sooo great, I want a million.
I also bought a cute flower headband. Because I want to be cute. And I'm internet trash.

Out of all the things I bought, this is my favourite.
This palette came out in 2012 I think and I wanted it so badly back then, but I wasn't able to get my hands on it. Buuut, someone sold it on Kleiderkreisel for only 6€ and I took the chance and got the palette of my dreams. Not only the make-up junkie in is pleased, my inner Tim Burton fangirl also nearly had a heart attack because of it. I don't think it's available anymore so I'm not sure if writing a seperate post to review it would make much sense? Idk, please tell me. However, I can't wait to play around with it <3

Soo, that's it for now. I am kinda glad that it didn't turn out to be such a huge pile of photos as I actually expected...but well, it's enough anyways.
See you soon!

3 Circle Lenses Review #11 - M.I Contact CARA Green

Hi everyone!
Long time no see, but finally I managed to try out another pair of circle lenses by Klenspop.
This time, they sent me a new pair of green ones. They're called CARA Green by M.I Contact.
The shipping was fast as usual and as you probably already know, I really love this store! They offer so many different kinds of beautiful lenses for a pretty low price, which is quite awesome to me.

Lens Info

Brand: M.I Contact
Diameter: 14.0mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year (Max)
Country of origin: South Korea
Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE
Price: $13,00 / 10,04€

Klenspop actually changed a tiny thing about their packaging. The lenses don't come in a plastic bag anymore, but in a small plastic case. Just noticed this!

Everyone who knows my love for Pierce The Veil gets why I liked the name of these lenses...*laughs*

Direct comparison. One lens in, no make up yet.

Both lenses, still no make up.

Aaand the full look! Featuring my non existent lash applying skills.
(But I kinda liked how my eye meiku turned out tbh...)

Have a few snapshots then!

Design/Appearance: ♥♥♥♥♥
Look at these babes! They look stunning! Such a simple, yet beautiful design, which kind of reminds me of a watermelon. And the way they look when I am wearing them on my dark brown eyes is just perfect. Of course they don't look very natural, but that wasn't what I was going for. They're bright, intense and the design is, at least to me, flawless.

Colour: ♥♥♥♥♡
Usually there are so many bright coloured lenses I just can't wear because the coverage is just awfully low. To be honest, the colour of the CARA Green's isn't the most vibrant when surrounded by bad lightning. But, as you can see in the photos above, good lightning is the key. The green comes out nicely bright and intense.

Enlargement: ♥♥♥♥♡
To be honest, I didn't expect these lenses to make my eyes look bigger since they're only 14mm. But due to the thick black circle and the vibrant colour, they surprisingly did! It's not that much of a difference, but I enjoy wearing lenses without looking like an alien every once in a while.

Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♥
After wearing them a few times, I can say that they didn't hurt my eyes, nor did they cause any irritation or redness. I'd also recommend them to people who are new with circle lenses since they're easy to wear and very comfortable.

All in all, I am totally happy with these babes. Apparently my boyfriend told me I looked like an elf with my green eyes :'D
I can only recommend them, regardless of your natural eyecolour.

I've got another review coming up, but at the moment I am very busy with school and work. Hopefully I can post it soon though!
See you then!