Mejibray Tsuzuku Make-up & Video

Hi everyone!

The last week was hard...but my work paid off and I have a few days to relax now. Last Saturday I had my DELF exam (some kind of french language diploma) and ugh, I'm so glad it's finally over. Now I have to wait about 3 months until I get the results, whay.
And this week, well, we got our school reports (if this is even what they're called in english...I'm actually trusting google translate this time!) and I'm pretty much okay with mine. Compared to my last one, this one's a looot better.
And because my weekend already started on Wednesday after school, I had time to go shopping in Hannover today. Ah, how I love Primark.
Maybe I'll do a haul entry...I found so many great things asdfgh.

But now for the main part of this post:
Last week I also filmed, edited and uploaded a new make-up tutorial on YouTube!
This time my inspiration was the one and only Tsuzuku from Mejibray. He inspires me so much. The lyrics he writes, his appereance and his talent as a musician...
I fell in love with his look from the DECADENCE PV, so I felt the urge to re-create it...and, oh well, here's the result!

Actually I was wearing my Lenzera Sexy Black Circle Lenses...but Tsuzuku was wearing light pink ones in the I edited my eyes with Xiu Xiu Meitu...

Re-creating the CD cover...level over 9000..or something...

Much Video
Very swag
Such please tell me what you think of it
much mata ne! ♥


  1. das Video is süß :)

    auch das make up gefällt mir gut!


  2. Ich liebe es <333 sieht sehr toll aus! Mag das Video auch sehr *-*