'Cause it's the end and I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid to die. ♪

Hello, Lovelies :)
I'm sorry for my...well, can I say hiatus? Everything was a bit complicated and many things went wrong again. My life turned into something kinda horrible and I'm glad that today I finally feel better. So, as I told you I went to Hannover some time ago. I bought lots of new stuff there, as well as here in Hameln. But I don't want to show every single thing to you...lazy bitch. :P
Halloween was kinda strange this year...so I don't have any photos left. Just some usual pics I took some days ago when I got bored. But I'm wearing my wig because I don't really like my current hairstyle. Hope the problem can be fixed in the next week. I need a change on my fucking head.
So...as I told you, many things happened and I'm not even done with all this shit. So I won't post really often in the future. First I need to find solutions for my current personal problems. And this is reaallly everything but easy.
In this case I just leave you with some pics. Mata ne ♫

New hoodie...TEDDY EEEARS !

Scarf and cross ring - also new ♥

Kinda...hipster...fuck off.

And my baby ~

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