Picture Overload ~

Hey there.
Oh gosh. It snowed like a motherfucker during the last week....and motherfuckers snow a lot. :D (Love you Andy...XD)
But I like it...somehow. I don't know...it's cold as fuck and I'm not in the best mood. Nevertheless I want to show you some pics I took. :>

View out of my window. I love it <3

Here I present you my fatness.

Too light? XDDD

New shoes....

My dog. <3 He's already 8 years old, still love him :3


Leo !

Ice Ice Baby.

And today before I went to the theatre with my dear friend Manami. :>

So, you can see my hairstyle in the photos. I don't really like it because of the VERY greenish colour. But I'm doing my best to get a normal shade of brown.
I also purchased a new wig from ebay I'll get for christmas. It's a long, straight, grey one. My new camcorder already arrived. That means I'll start my YouTube activities again...

But it's time to say "MATA NE" to everyone now. Love y'all <3


  1. Sehr süßer Blog.
    Deine bilder gefallen mir
    sehen alle sehr gut aus.

    Ich folge dir jetzt mal :D

    1. Daaanke,das freut mich total. <3
      Eigentlich sind die nur so aus Spaß an der Freude entstanden und gar nichts besonderes, hihi.
      Danke, danke, danke. Ich kann mich nur wiederholen. :>