Kidnap the Sandy Claws, tie him in a bag. Throw him in the ocean, then see if he is sad ♪

Heeey Guys.
It's Christmas time ! Surprise, surprise. Hope y'all spent your days like you wanted to. My days have been nearly perfect. Everything was so funny, I met some new people and of course I got great presents I want to share with you :3

Nahw, my new cam. It's sooo great ! Hehe~
Also got I tripod for it~

Eyeshadow and blush palette by Catrice. My brother gave it to me. So nice :3
I love the colours of the eyshadows, even if their coverage isn't the best. But brown shades usally suit me best.

A book Manami-chan created for me *_* Best gift ever !
It contains pics of my childhood, my fave bands, Vocaloid & Mameshiba stuff, pics of my friends and more. I nearly cried while reading it because it's such a nice idea.
I love you, Imouto-chan !♥

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Character Book *^* Also from Manami.
And a bath ball from my dear Annika. Thank you !

Well, that's everything. I also got some cards and money, but I don't think I have to take photos of this stuff. XD On Thursday I'll leave Hameln for a week to visit my bestie Ryoko-chan. We're going to take lots of photos and of course we'll also go shopping. Be prepared.
When I'm back home I'm also going to meet Julice and well...let's see who will join us. It's going to be epic anyways :D
Mata ne !

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