Just something I wanted to announce.
I already talked about the changes I will do to this blog.
It's just that I didn't have the motivation to do it yet.

Also I don't feel good at the moment.
School is keeping me busy and I don't really have exciting things to write about.
Soon it's Halloween, a day that has a special meaning for me, but I won't talk about it because...yeah, it's nothing everyone should know about.
I decided to film a new make-up video which I'm going to post here.
But that's everything.
I need to take a short break from blogging again. Only 2-3 weeks, maybe 4, but just so you know about it.
So, no need to unfollow.
I really enjoy blogging, but there are things in my life that are more important to me.
I've been writing a lot of fanfiction lately, so I'll probably posting some self-written stuff again in the next time.

I'm sure nobody's going to miss me tbh.
But if you're doing so, don't worry.
I'll be back as soon as possible.
But from now on I need to focus on other things.

Mata ne, Cuties. ♥


  1. It´s good to read that you will not close this blog (I just started following you haha).
    Ahh I really like this picture in this Post!

    Seeing forward to read new stuff of you! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

    1. Don't worry, I won't. :3 This blog is my precious baby and I'd never give up on it so easily :DD

      Thank you so much <33

  2. Take care and I hope you will feel better soon ^^

  3. Take care honey and I will miss your blog~ <3