And suddenly she was back... // Alois Trancy Cosplay ♪

It's been only a few days since my decision to go on a hiatus.
Some unexpected things happened...oh well. Suddenly people started getting interested in my entries again. What the actual fuck?
I even gained a follower (who already unfollowed me again...uhm...)
Let's say...I've changed my mind.

Since Julice and I went to the city together to finally take pictures of my Cosplay, my blogging-mood came back from it's mysterious break.
I'm in progress of editing my Halloween make-up tutorial and also - I have tons of new Outfit ideas!

But today, I only want to show you the photos my awesome best friend took of me. I really like them a lot.
I'm going to edit the failed ones in the next days and upload them in another post so you'll have something to laugh about.

We took a shitload of pics, but these are my favourites. Especially the one where I'm lying on the wall.
It was so much fun and an awesome day.
I also posted the pics on my new Tumblr Blog! Please take a look ;3


After the shooting we went to eat something at a chinese fast food restaurant and later we ended up the same way as everytime - chillin' at mah hood and fangirling like a boss.
I tried to be kawaii with my Rilakkuma hat. -derp-

(Quality pic is quality)

I really fucking love you. 
Most awesome photographer & one of the best friends I've ever had.
My legs are looking fat though.

Upcoming entries:
-Alois Trancy Shooting  ~ Behind the scenes
-Halloween Make-up

Mata ne!


  1. "My legs are looking fat though." *throws tons of tables at you* LOOK AT MY LEGS. DON'T COMPLAIN! xDD

    I really fucking love you too.

    And FUCK YEAH I'm an awesome photographer. xDD

  2. Oh, the photos are beautiful as fuck! The light is perfect and you look so pretty :)
    Why am I writing in english? I know that you speak german and you know that I speak german but whatever(:D) I wish you a good night :)

  3. Wow, das Cospay steht dir richtig gut und gerade das Bild an dem Baum... ich weiß es hat nichts mit dem Anime zu tun, aber das erinnert mich total an Alice im Wunderland. So die Stimmung und so. Irgendwie wie in einem verwunschenen Wald, oder so. Echt toll <3

    1. Dein Kommentar gefällt mir ganz besonders gut. Ich weiß nicht, ob dir die Wonderland Version von Alois etwas sagt, aber die ist eben an Alice angelehnt und ich hab auch noch vor sie zu cosplayen. Da weiß ich dann ja jetzt, was ich machen sollte. :D
      Danke ♥