Small Shopping Update & Announcements

Hey guys.

First I want to say that the weather really pisses me off. Not that the rain is destroying my hairstyles, also I'm always tired and I don't want to leave my room anymore.
Well...actually I'd like to...because I need to take some pictures of my Cosplay...the only thing missing is someone to take the photos.

So, last Saturday I went to Hannover...finally! I really missed feeling like a superhero after leaving Primark. This store is so fucking horrible, I nearly panicked there sometimes. Too many people, too many not german speakers who thought they're something better and too less cute underwear that actually fits me.
Also I cried nearly the whole day because a band I really love was playing in Hamburg that day and I couldn't go...>< (Yeah, I'm talking about Sleeping With Sirens...Twitter followers already know)

I'm glad I found some stuff I really like. :3

Very spectacular socks - Primark

Normal Tights and some with hearts on (bought the same ones for Julice as well nyahaha)  AND my underwear :D - Primark

Batman Shirt...FINALLY !♥ I'm so going to wear it at BVB's concert in December :D♥
Also a Blouse that makes me look even more like a lesbian and my new favourite high waist jeans.
Primark as well~

Wallet & Cleansing wipes from Primark
Earrings and Necklace from Claire's ♥

2 Black tops from H&M
Jogging trousers from Primark (surprise, surprise) 

Noticed something? I really gave up on trying to look cute. 
Somehow I'm that kind of person who changes really often. I can't stand looking the same for a long time. This is also on reason why I'm changing my haircolour that often.
But...this is also my 'Announcement'
Something is going to change over here.
I decided to change my blog design again. Maybe also the URL...but that's something I need to think about again. And I want to start writing more Diay-themed entries I did when I first started this blog.
I want to write more about my favourite music, bands & other stuff I'm interested in. Not just my everyday-crap and fashion stuff.
Don't be surprised when my blog suddenly disappears for a few days...that just means I'm changing it. I also need to delete some of my old posts because most of them are still about my ex gf & old friends I don't have anything to do with anymore.

So...see you soon. 

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