Connichi 2013 - Impressions

Hey guys.
First please excuse the fact that I have nothing to blog about at the moment. I wanted to do some outfit post...but sadly I look like a fat and ugly potato no matter what I'm wearing at the moment I need to lose weeeeight~.
My life is actually really boring and the moment nearly everything goes wrong for me so I'm busy with crying over senseless shit.
But at the weekend- dadadam, I went to Kassel again. Time for the Connichi ♥
I've been there for the third time now and it's still my favourite Con to go. So...have fun with a detailed post about Saturday.

I had to get up really early because we had to drive for about 2hours. Not that much...but I needet more than an hour to get ready! I dressed in a Pastel Goth kind of outfit (my inspiration for the wig styling was irodohieru btw ♪) because my Cosplay didn't arrive in time I hate you, International Post Office Frankfurt ♥ Please go and fuck yourself everyone. Well, it arrived on Saturday...WHEN I WAS ALREADY AT THE CON ! Just one example for what went wrong for me. XD

First thing we did in Kassel: Derping around at Caro's Grandma's House because our styling already got messy.

Ready to go!

She brought some fortune cookies haha :DD

When we arrived at the Con, the first thing we did was stalking Cosplayers...the pictures I took are only stalker pics as well because I'm a fucking shy loser who's afraid of asking people for a photo :)))
We bought some random stuff, spent time with other people and Caro even had a group photoshooting with some other Naruto Cosplayeres.
I only got asked for a photo...about 2-3 times? Are my Outfits really getting worse from year to year? XD
Nah, but the first girl who took a photo of me was so cute. I already met her last year.
She said I'd remind her of Iro...what was super cute because....SHE'S MY INSPIRATION OK.

My not so spectacular outfit in b/w ♪

Green Apple Tea ♥

Caro as Tsunade!

This Sexy Jutsu Cos was more than awesome. XD


And even more plushies. Sadly there weren't any Mameshiba Beans... ;_;



Beautiful Yaya Han! ♥ I adore her and her Cosplays.

One day I'll buy a pillow like that...I swear...

Little check up while sitting on a bench because walking in massive platform shoes fucking hurts after a while. 

I finally met Jenny and some of her friends! ♥ Sadly I look stupid on the Photos I have so my face needed to be censored. I don't want to kill you with my ugliness.
Nah, it was nice to see her in her awesome Cosplay *_*

Motto sekushi.

I don't even remember what exactly happened here...but the picture looks quite funny so I thought I could upload it. (btw you can all punch me in the face if you aren't okay with the pictures I long as you're on them!)

Caro and the Naruto group! About 3 Narutos and...3 Deidaras I think.
And I love Deidara so much...haha. ♥

Newsflash! Tsunade suddenly became Kazekage!

Epic photo is epic :DDD

Later in the evening...back at her grannys place...tired and exhausted, but happy XD
(Dark circles of doom o_o)

Caros aunt got her chinese tea wich tasted like...cough medicine or something..

Mangas I got! Cherish by Wataru Yoshizumi who is one of my favourite Shojo Mangakas and Angelic Layer 1+2. AL has been my fave Anime for years now...and I finally got 2 of the Mangas. ♥ I can't tell you how happy I was when I found them.

Rilakkuma hat I bought ♥ At first I couldn't decide between Rilakkuma and Totoro...but about 2 years ago people started calling me 'Bärchen' what's a cute german word for 'bear' ... Rilakkuma won.

Alpacasso..but for Ryo, not for me...she loves Alpacas and I don't XDD
I'm still more into beandogs.

That's it for this year. It was awesome.
Thanks to everyone who made this day so special for me. I can't wait for next year. :3

Mata ne ♥

...who has to lern for her Economy exam tomorrow...XD


  1. it was so awesome! And I loved your outfit and even Maikel and Eric did! <3

  2. O____O Ich bin an dir vorbei gelaufen.... ;___; Und ich denke noch "Die kommt mir bekannt vor... die Perücke irgendwie.." *drop* >__<

    1. Waaas? Ich hab dich gar nicht gesehen...fu ._. Schaaade ;^;