Kazu in London [Part 2]

Hello again!

Today's entry will be the second part of my London-diary or whatever you want to call it.
Well...actually I'll basically write about my gets, some food and show you some of the selfies I took!

Starting off with 2 delicious pieces I got from different shops in China Town! I already told you that I really liked those bakeries there and these babies are the main reasons why.
Both of them are sweet coconut buns, the second one was filled with whipped cream. The best thing ever in my opinion!

The other day I had lunch in Camden Town. There are those tiny diners where you could get cheap takeaway meals and I ended up getting something chinese. Able to mix and match everything there, I got some crispy chicken, teriyaki chicken and also sweet & sour stuff with egg fried rice, I felt like vomiting afterwards even though it was incredibly delicious. I wish we had places like this where I'm from.

Got those tops from Camden as well. I'm trying to feel more comfortable in sleeveless tops so I bought these two since they're really pretty.
The left one is from a store called Punky Fish, the right one was 3 pounds at camden market :D

After arriving in Camden Town for the first time, I walked past a shoe store after being there for only 20 minutes or something. The price of those babes was lowered from 65 pounds down to only 20 so my mom literally forced me to try them on and...well...I immediately fell in love and couldn't get up.

Ok guys, here's a story. On my second day in Bromley, I went to this massive shopping center. I walked in, went to H&M, walked past the Apple store, looked on the other side and BAM, a giant, glowing red Disney sign hit my eyes. So I decided to have a quick look at it.
5 year old me would've bought nearly every plushie in there. It was so beautiful.
Visiting a Disney Store almost feels like stepping into a different world. I felt happy for all those little kids who were tiny enough to fit into Queen Elsa's dress. 
But well.
I'm a grown ass 17 year old girl, so everything I bought there was this mug (which was already expensive enough for me) and even though it's not that impressive, I love it a lot since I've always been obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Basically me at Primark. Buying nothing but tights.

Some Chinatown gets! I bought nothing at those Asian cosmetics stores since they were quite overpriced and most of the stuff is quite a lot cheaper online. 
The Pocky are already gone as well, the other 2 things are/were presents.

Ok I really look horrible with these glasses on but I kinda liked them a lot AND they were cheap so..
Yeah, guess what, they're also from Camden Market.

Here's me grocery shopping. Only a part of what I actually bought, sadly, since I've already eaten most of it.
I feel like Cadbury is like Milka for the British people. Oh, Maltesers are my current addiction and I won't give up on them.

Small but cute henna tattoo. ♥





And with that, I'll leave for today.
I have about 83848 selfies left but I'm not gonna post them here due to the fact that I pull horrifying faces on most of them.
So, mata ne and see you soon for the last part!

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  1. you damn gorgeous girl. looking pretty as hell. ;_; <3333
    the buys are so great anyway! I love the top with the cross and the creepers, omg.