Kazu in London [Part 1]

Hey guys!

I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. Blogging is becoming more and more unimportant to me and I can't help but slowly lose the interest in it. But I'm not going to give up on this blog. It's like a box of memories for me.
I haven't even posted the promised photo's of the shooting I did with my friends and I decided not to upload them since I'm not really satisfied with the way they turned out.
Somehow I didn't realise how awful I looked this day...haha. But well...if you want to see them, you can check Jenny's or Julice's entries out!

Weeell, as said in the title, the fabulous potato a.k.a. me was in London.
My summer vacation started about 2 weeks ago and on the 1st August I went to Cologne with my family and we took a bus to my favourite City in the world. And it was totally worth the 12h bus which contained crying little children, a couple making out on the seats in front of me and a good looking Asian guy. *huehue*

This first post will be about sightseeing stuff I did.
In the second one I'm going to post about shopping findings, selfies and most important, FOOD!
There will also be a third one, but I'll keep this one a secret for now. Be prepared to laugh!

Regarding the fact that I took a total of 231 photos, this entry is going to be quite picture heavy. Enjoy!

Our journey started in Cologne. We took the bus because..well, it was cheaper than booking a flight. And it wasn't even that bad! I imagined it to be much worse.
So, we drove from Hameln to Cologne, to Brussels, Gent, took a ferry to Dover and then finally, London!

Here's a map of the route for everyone who's as bad at geography as I am:

Beautiful view from the ferry ♥
After our arrival early in the morning on Saturday we took the train to Bromley and relaxed in our flat for a while and later walked around Westminster where I took some photos!

On Sunday we just did some grocery shopping and visited the city of Bromley, including a wonderful shopping center with a Disney Store in it. This brought back so many childhood memories. I ended up buying nothing but a mug there.
In the evening I went to Central London again because my favourite YouTubers, Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil did their weekly Radio Show at BBC Radio 1 and I really wanted to meet them.
Sadly they disappointed me and the other fans that were desperatley waiting in front of the building for them to come out. Some security guy came out and told us that they've already left.
I was really sad. Hopefully I can meet them one day since I really love them.
I then took the bus to the rail station and took some photos at night.

The other day, we headed to Soho because my brother who's quite interested in guitars and stuff wanted to see the famous Denmark Street where all the sellers have their stores. On my way I found a store that had K-Pop photos put up on the window. So awesome!

Soho Square!

Afterwards we went to China Town because it was pretty near! I was so impressed by all the cute stores, especially the Chinese bakeries.

Later we also went to the Picadilly Circus where I visited an Anime/Manga store Dan and Phil showed in one of their videos. 

On one day, when my brother and my dad went to the Royal Air Force Museum in Collindale, my mom and I took a first look at Camden Town where I had already bought a pair of shoes and a top after a 1h stay.
Wasting money like a boss! But really, Camden is awesome and should be a part of everyone's life bucket list.

The following 2 pictures are just showing my room in our flat. Lol.

I always wanted to see the Tower Bridge and I was told that it was especially beautiful in the dark, so I went there one evening and tried to take a few photos.

Say hello to my brother. He's obviously amused!

These pictures were taken the day we went to visit the Hyde Park and the Buckingham Palace. You can also see the Wellington Arch in here!
Some very beautiful pieces of architecture.

The other day, we went to China Town and Camden Town again because...well..we can!

...and I found some stores that were selling overpriced K-Pop merchandising and Asian cosmetics!

Chinese bakeries are the cutest shit.

Guys pls. Cockfosters.
I can't be the only person with this kind of humor.

The Mad Hatter looked so awesome. Sadly he turned away when I took the photo. ;_;

...and the last day! Just walking around Westminster again after heading back to Cologne early on Saturday.
I had a really great time after all and I hope I can go back there as soon as possible, preferably with my beloved best friend.

Mata ne!


  1. so many great pictures ;__; I really want to go there too...

    And... you looked awesome the day we made the outfit pictures ;__;

    1. Danke Cutie! ;;♥
      Leider sind meine Fotos irgendwie ziemlich...idk, unvorteilhaft geworden? Ich hätte unnormal viel wegbearbeiten müssen ._,

  2. Die Fotos sind echt gut geworden!
    Das erinnert mich daran dass ich meine Posts über London auch noch schreiben muss, ich verliere aber auch langsam die Lust am Bloggen :S
    Und omg Cockfosters da musste ich auch erstmal grinsen haha :'D.

    1. Danke :)
      Ich würd mich freuen, wenn du auch noch etwas posten würdest. Man muss sich nur erstmal überwinden, dann geht das schon :>

  3. Sehr geniale Bilder! :D Meine Bilder aus London damals sehen total schrottig aus!

  4. Hey ^^ dein Eitrag zu London ist echt toll ^______^ die Bilder von dort sind ein Traum~
    in 2 Wochen geht es auch dann endlich für zum ersten Mal nach London *freu*
    deswegen habe ich mal ein paar Fragen an dich: weißt du zufällig noch wie teuer ein Tagesticket der U-Bahn ist??? Ist es sehr schwer sich in dem U-Bahnnetz zurecht zufinden??? Und wo kann man am besten günstig & lecker Essen gehen????

    1. Hi! Vielen dankl ♥ Dann wünsch ich dir auch viel Spaß drüben!
      Wie teuer ds Ticket ist, kommt darauf an, in welcher Zone du dich befindest. Ich hatte eines von Zone 1-6, welches irgendetwas um die 8 Pfund gekostet hat für Erwachsene. Die Teile heißen Travelcards. Je nachdem, wie viel du dich mit Bus und Bahn bewegst, kannst du auch eine Oyster Card nehmen und diese mit einem beliebigen Betrag aufladen.
      Ich hatte allerdings eine Week-Travelcard für um die 50 Pfund, was zwar sehr teuer ist, sich aber definitiv auszahlt, da ich jeden Tag von Bromley mit der Bahn ins Zentrum gefahren bin und mich dort mit Bus und Bahn bewegt habe.
      Das U-Bahn Netz ist sehr gut überschaubar. Du bekommst Pläne an jedem Ticketschalter und in den Stationen ist auch alles gut ausgeschildert. Jedoch ist alles relativ hektisch, also lass dich bloß nicht aus der Ruhe bringen.
      Ich selbst war nicht oft essen. Zu empfehlen sind aber definitiv die kleinen Buden in Camden Town, wo du wirklich alle Nationalitäten findest und nicht viel bezahlst. Außerdem ist Chinatown (in Soho) sehr empfehlenswert. Dort befinden sich mehrere Restaurants, asiatische Supermärkte und niedliche Bäckereien.
      Hoffe ich konnte irgendwie helfen. <3