This is Halloween ♪

Hi everyone!
I don't even know if people still read this mess of a blog. Unfortunately I don't even have an excuse for my long, unplanned hiatus. I'm just a lazy ass and also had no motivation at all.

So many things happened in the meantime. The Born X Lycaon concert, the Connichi and many more things I haven't prepared any posts about. I decided not to write about them anymore since more than a month has passed since then.
I don't even have plans for upcoming entries...but maybe I'll upload the third one about my trip to London and also one about the Linkin Park concert which is finally coming closer.
But for now, this years Halloween photos have to be enough.

I recently won some new contacts by Linsenfinder and I just HAD to use them somehow.
You can tell me in the comments if you want me to review them since they're pretty new and I am totally not experienced with mini sclera lenses.

So, here's this years Halloween look: A strange combination between a dead doll, a mummy, a demon and a bride all dressed in black ('cause of the black veil...if you know what I mean...)

I had so much fun doing this make up and editing the photos! And I am in love with these lenses.

Today I also visited Julice and we made cupcakes together.
As usual, we followed the instructions from a Dan and Phil video. Even if they didn't turn out spooky, they taste surprisingly good!


(We put pink food colouring instead of green one in the our cupcakes are pinkish red...)

Well. That would be it for today.
I'll continue fangirling over the new Black Veil Brides album now.
See you soon..hopefully!

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  1. I really really do love your make up and the lenses! You look gorgeous!