Long time no see (シ_ _)シ

Hello everyone!

It's been a while again...seems like I have to start every post like this..hehe.
Ugh, soo many things happened since the last time. Christmas is already over and I don't really want to waste so many words on it because for me it was pretty boring.
But I got a new camera, finally and I'm so in love with it. It's a Canon EOS 600D ...finally better quality pics huehuehue.
I also got some really cute presents from my friends. Everyone who follows me on twitter knows what I'm talking about. (:

What else happened?
Mhm. First my tickets for the You Me At Six concert in march arrived. I'm so happy that I can see them live after I couldn't go when they played in Hamburg with 30 Seconds To Mars..

You can't see the shirt I'm wearing in the picture very well...but it's Pierce The Veil Merch. Finally! I'm totally obsessed with their music at the moment. And I've been reading a lot of Fuenciado recently.

As you can see I also managed to work on my layout.
I took some photos with my new baby for the banner and they turned out pretty shitty because of the bad lightning in my room...except for this one!

The necklace I'm wearing was one of the presents I got from my dear Ryo (who I'm sadly not able to see for a long time ;;)

On Saturday I visited my awesometastic bestie Julice because we planned on having a movie night together. After discussing for a while, we decided to watch Dark Shadows. Jade who joined us as well suggested to watch Sinister and lastly we also chose a crappy Twilight parody. Well, the other two movies were nice..I think. :3
After finishing the movies we took some photos together. Jade was so nice to borrow me one of her wigs and because I totally miss my red hair I had when I was 14, I wore her red wig. But it was already something around midnight...what means: Shitty lightning of doom!
Sadly most of the pictures didn't turn out very well...but here are some I actually like! (Unfortunately they're all black &white)

(No, really. Enough with the K-Pop misheard lyrics...Julice looks so cuuuute)

I would upload the derp-pics we took as well...but I'm afraid of getting killed by these two...lol. :D

Hope you all had a nice christmas.
This is my "Goodbye 2013" post because writing a resume of what happened to me in 2013 wouldn't be that interesting.
Have a nice start in 2014 everyone!
Mata ne ♥

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