Black Veil Brides "The Church Of The Wild Ones Part II" @ Grünspan, Hamburg 1.12.2013

Hello everyone.

As you can see I still haven't managed to change my layout.
That's probably because I don't have the time at the moment and blogging mood is more than just gone again. So keep enjoying my crappy pastel goth-ish design that absolutely doesn't suit the style I'm following at the moment and also isn't really suitable for this post.

Today I'm writing kind of a very special entry. It's, oh surprise surprise, about Black Veil Brides' concert in Hamburg yesterday.
Oh Lord, it was so amazing. I can't express in words how happy I am that I finally got the chance to see them live.
I probably already told my 'story' behind my love for this band a MILLION FUCKING TIMES but still I have to tell it again everytime I talk about them.
I discovered their music right after "Set The World On Fire" came out...what is pretty late actually...but it's never too late to start liking an awesome band, isn't it? Well, the "Knives And Pens" video literally changed my whole life.
At this time I went through so many troubles in my life which I don't really want to state here. BVB's music helped me a lot back then. I started to dress myself more in this emo kind of clothing style and...well, had an awesome Scene-Nickname! (High five to the people who remember my time as a redhead! XD)
Back then I thought it was only a phase...but here I am, 2 1/2 years later as a proud member of the BVB Army, fangirling over them every single day.
Another dream of mine finally came true.
Finally. After they cancelled the actual tour in april this year I was soo sick of everything.

But now for the actual "concert diary"

I arrived at the venue right before the actual start.
After that the support bands started playing.
The first band...well...I didn't really like their style of music. They weren't bad...but hard to understand and def not my cup of tea. :DD

Then Heaven's Basement, the second support band started to play. I already listened to them before, but moths ago so I didn't know what to expect. But they were pretty good. I liked their music and nah...during their performance the first thing that made my heart stop happened.
Ashley showed up...wearing nothing but his underwear...just asdfghjkl. But then he went back to the dressing room...and I couldn't focus on the music anymore because I finally wanted to see BVB. :DD

And some time later, their show finally started.
At this point I have to mention that they look even better in reality than on pictures. I was more than just impressed.
Some butthurt fans might say that "I only like them for their looks" - OH YES MOTHERFUCKERS. And I like their music because I can listen to their faces of course.
No, really. They are 5 very attractive men who are absolutely talented musicians.

What can I say? The setlist was purrrfect ♥

-Shadows Die
-I Am Bulletproof
-Wretched and Divine
-Knives and Pens
-The Legacy
-All Your Hate
-Rebell Yell
-Perfect Weapon
-Christian 'CC' Coma Drum Solo
-Rebel Love Song
-Let You Down
-Nobody's Hero

-Love Isn't Always Fair
-Fallen Angels
-In the End

They played nearly ALL of my favourite songs. I would've wished for one of their 'slower' songs as well...but I was perfectly fine with what they played.
They included the new songs from "Wretched & Divine" as well as the old ones from "Set The World On Fire" and "We Stitch These Wounds".
Also "Rebel Yell", a Billy Idol cover was played. I liked how Andy changed the lyrics at one part: Instead of "She gives me head" he sang "she sucks my dick"
My personal 'highlights' were of course Rebel Love Song, which is my favourite song of theirs and everything they played during the encore.

BVB may be not the best band when it comes to live shows. But they know how to entertain their fans. And it felt so great when everyone sang along to some certain songs.
"We scream, we shout, we are the fallen angels" - amazing song, powerful lyrics and easy to remember. One of the first song I heard from them...and I still love it.
And I think the whole BVB Army can relate to it.
Also Ryo and I made friends in a very special way.

After the show I caught Andy's towel.
Yup. Me. The potato on legs was lucky at least once in her life. Whay. :D
Buuuut, I wasn't the only one who wanted to have in the end we were six persons who held on to that fucking towel and ended up cutting it into pieces. Now this towel connects us and well...we're still in contact on facebook ^w^

I could go one fangirling about every single member now...but that would be tiring for you guys because I could continue writing how perfect they are for 293483 hours. XD
So, to keep it short:
Andy is awesome. His voice sounds perfect, he looks perfect and he was so damn funny. Especially when he randomly screamed "sandwiches" and later "ketchup" just to make the crowd cheer up reason in particular. I reeeeaallly started to like him a lot again. ^_^
Jinxx is a really talented guitarrist and he plays the violin perfectly as well.
Ashley...oh well, he's still my fave member because uhm...he's a great bassist, he has an amazing voice which he should use more often aaand he's a pervert. I especially like his tattoos. Ah fuck, he looks so great in his underwear, I can't even...XD
Mhm, I was disappointed because I couldn't really focus on Jake ._. He's nice and everything...but I didn't have a chance to have a closer look at him...sadly.
But CC, omg, that was ONE HELL OF A DRUM SOLO. This guy is crazy in the best way you can think of. When he climbed on his drumset...oh well, awesomeness level over 9000...or just level CC.

To sum everything up, it was one of the best days in my entire life.
I haven't been to a good concert in over a year so it was finally time for something good to happen.
BVB are one of my favorite bands, no matter what some stupid people say. I love them, I'll continue loving them and I hope to see them again someday.

Now have some fun with the pictures I took...or the ones I stole from Sindy and Ryo :DD
Maybe I'll also upload the videos I have but they're reeeally bad quality because I filmed everything with the 5MP camera of my mobile /D

Photo stolen from one of the people we met ^_^

Aaand taken by Ryo-pon. ♥


Jaaaake ^_^


Again...such a great moment. XDD

 Screencap from a video...just because I need more Ashley in my life...

By far my favourite screencap. This was from when they played "Let You Down" and after they finished, Andy gave this look, pointing and looking at my camera and...yeah. My heart was melting after I noticed it.
Idk...I'm so happy..uhm Senpai noticed me -w- ♥

During "The Legacy"
All I could think of was..."OH LOOK, THE SEAGULLS!"

I noticed how most of my pics contain Andy and sorry... ;^;

My piece of towel <33 Huehuehue, creepy fangirl style!

And last but not least, what I looked like that day. ^w^

I hope this post didn't annoy you that much. BVB aren't everyone's cup of tea when it comes to music, but remember, they're not "untrve". They don't even consider themselves as a "Metal" band as far as I can remember. Also they aren't 'emo fags'. Their Emo-ish days are over for more than 2 years now and most of them have/had girlfriends...
Personally I like them a lot...and I'm happy now.
Really happy.
Thanks for everyone who made that day such a special one for me. I love you all and I wish to see everyone again as soon as possible!


  1. Fufufufufu, It's so nice to see you this happy~
    I think I'll listen to some of their old songs now, you got me in that mood huehuehue~ ♥

  2. Awww, its so cute! I know that feeling of being happy after concerts of my beloved bands~~ its always so awesome. Think I'm going to listen to a song, since I've never heard of them.