Random Pics & PinkyParadise Coupon Code ♥

Hey guys ^0^
Go away, Monday, nobody likes you. Nah. I hate Mondays. The next two weeks will be very stressful, I think. Fuck school e_e
Oh well. The last days were...strange. I got to know a lot of new people what was actually pretty cool, because some of them are bloggers as well and it's always good to talk to them. ^-^
So...what else happened?
I've got kind of a little present for you!
Do you know the shop PinkyParadise? Well, if not you should check it out.
Some days ago I got a mail for them which contained my new special secret.

Click on the pic to get to the store :3

They gave me a coupon code for my followers ! It's the first time I collaborate with an online store, so it's very exciting for me.
All you have to do is to enter the code deadlyxsilence when purchasing your lenses and you'll get a cute animal lens case for free for each pair of lenses you're ordering. Sounds great, doesn't it?
I love this shop for the great amount of lenses they're selling and I'll definitley order my next pair of circle lenses there, because I need one for the Cosplay I'm planning/already working on.

Furthermore I spent the last days with school stuff, friends and in the city. There was a medieval market in Hameln and I went there with Julice on saturday. We took some pictures together, met some of her friends and had Bubble Tea as well. But as always we were mostly just derping around...and the windy wind was windy as fuck. XD

Me... e_e

Cherry Yoghurt & Taro Coconut. Can you guess which one was mine? :D

Assassins Creed in real life !!! :D
(Thanks to Julice XD)

Let's derp around with some strange hats...
This absolutely DOESN'T suit me, I'm crying.

Awesome hair is awesome.

Fat legs...but my beloved shoes <3

Paper plane...♪

Just another pic in the mirror...

Blurry pics XD

I look so stupid, wayne. XD

Now I'm going to do my homework and enjoy the good weather for the rest of the day. Mata ne ^0^



  1. uhhh yummy bubbletea <33 i haven't drunk it for month >__<

  2. Fands auch cool, dich kennenzulernen ^^ immer cool, Blogger in seiner näheren Umgebung zu kennen, hihi! Und immerhin durfte ich deinen Eyeliner benutzen ;O; danke nochmal!
    Find die Fotos schön!!

    1. Hihi :p Ich lese deinen Blog auch schon seit einer halben Ewigkeit, von daher fand ich das richtig klasse ;)
      Kein Problem & danke ^_^

  3. Ich war gerade auf dem Blog deiner Freundin ♪ Schöne Bilder :) Und nein, deine Beine sind nicht fett!!! Aber hast recht, die Schuhe haben was ♥ Ich komm aus Hannover, haha ;D Also auch nicht so weit weg.

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