I'm still living. [Update & Foodporn]

For those of you who are still reading this....HI !
I'm back. Well...I've never been so far away...there have only been a few things that kept me from blogging. I've been busy with school, learning and other stuff and, oh well, spent 1 whole week of holidays with lying in my bed because stupid me caught a cold.
BUT some awesome things happened in the meantime.
I won't tell you everything because it's just to much. This is just going to be a small update before I start writing more often again. Some awesome things are going to happen next month...for example BVB's concert, ViViD's new single or my birthday. Also I got accepted at a new school, so I just need to survive the rest of this year before something new will start for me.
Hopefully everything will turn out like I planned it...but enough with my personal shit. Enjoy my overload of pics.

Current profile pic on FB and so on ♪

An unfinished drawing of mine which I made out of boredom. The lyrics are from LM.C's song "Double Dragon" :3


Oreo Truffles...I made them as a birthday present for my mom. So yummy !

Some weeks ago, the cosmetic brand essence had a small giveaway on their FB page.  And guess who was one of the 500 lucky winners? ME ! This stuff is perfect for me and my unhealthy skin.
Yesterday I finally was able to meet cute Julice again.We went to Hameln, walked around a bit and ended up at the MeLounge because our beloved Bubble Tea store was closed again.

Best combination EVER. I just ordered a caramel cappucine because I needed something hot to drink. Julice had  Ice Chocolate and...oh well, some very healthy food we shared :D

Took this pic some days ago. I kinda like my make-up a lot.

Aaand some days ago, I also made chocolate cookies. :D

Also we filmed a short video yesterday. Do you know the Gwiyomi/Kiyomi song? Julice 'forced' me to film a  clip like this with her...and it was so much fun XD FOREVER DERP ! XD

Well. That's pretty much it.
Mata ne ♥