Pictures of last week & new stuff

Hello there ^_^
It's sunday and I'm sitting here, doing my homework for tomorrow. I haven't been that busy last week so I spent a lot of time with friends, taking photos or just derping around. On thursday I met Julice what was pretty funny and on friday my brother and I decided to take some photos. Yesterday I went to Hannover and shopped a bit at Primark (seems like I spend too much money at Primark. But I can't help and always go there again XD) Nah, I don't wanna talk that much, so here are some pics.

 These are the pics I took on friday with my brother. It snowed like a motherfucker outside...and motherfuckers snow a lot ! (Yes, this was actually an Andy Biersack quote) I only had school until 11:15 so I dressed like this out of boredom. The finished product is okay...I think. Turned out pretty okay.


I can seee youuuu ! Muahahahaha ò_ó

I also made some brownies on friday. SO YUMMY! My family loved them.

Nomnomnom :3
And now for saturday when I headed to Hannover. The train ride was so awful because there was a football match yesterday. I really hate those beer drinking freaks I always meet in the train or at the railstation. Especially the smell they're leaving. But with your headphones in you can always enjoy your train it was okay for me. At least they left me alone.

This is what I looked like yesterday. I have such a multiple personality when it comes to my outfits and fashion preferences XD The hoodie belongs to my brother...but I love it XD
Food I had at a café. Cheesecake and hot chocolate *A*

The stuff I bought at Primark: Hoodie, red & black skinny trousers, earrings, a scarf and some underwear.
I know I already got a pair of red trousers...but I loved the colour of these ones. And the hooded jacket is so comfy to wear :3

The print of the scarf...some cute little owls :3♥

Earrings ! #hipster #YOLO #swag #obey
Nah...I love them.

Also bought some cheap cleansing wipes at Primark. I always need them.
At DM I bought some cosmetic stuff. I already tried out the concealer by P2 and the  peel-off mask
I loooooove it !
Foodporn. They're so yummy ! Ate them at my train ride back home.

My dad bought me this cute YooHoo Panda *_* asdfghjkl.

So....a kind of picture heavy post again. Hope you like it...some comments would be nice, as always.
Mata ne ♥