My current Hair-Routine - New Video ! ♥

Hey guys. Gosh, I hate sundays. I'm always so lazy even if I have a lot of things to do for school.
But at least I was able to edit the new tutorial I filmed. It's now available to watch on my You Tube-Channel.
Please have a look at it. Thumbs up if you like it of course. :D

Noticed my Psyduck in the background? :D

In the next days I'll also upload some new pics I took on friday. I tried out a....really crazy look inspired by one of my current favourite musicians. Be prepared for it.
Nya, yesterday I spent some time with Julice again what was pretty funny. We went shopping, took some photos and yeah..just derped around like we always do. And guess what? She created herself an own blog now. You should visit it, too. :3 *click*

So, mata ne :3


  1. Such a nice tutorial ^^ your hair looks pretty good ^^

    1. Thank you, as always ^0^
      Waaeee you so nice to me? ♥