Connichi 2012 ! ♥

Konnichi wa, bitches !

Yeah, here I am. A bit late, I think, but as promised I'll write something about last weekend.
As I told you, I went to Kassel with Manami-chan to visit this year's Connichi.
It was sooo awesome ! I met so many people, was photographed a million times and finally bought a Mameshiba ;A; Manami dressed up as a Gothic Lolita/Maid/Pocahontas-Thingie with her own custom made dress while I prefered a more casual Oshare/Pop Kei/Grunge inspired outfit. On Saturday we also went to the city and had Bubble Tea together The weather was sunny and warm. I didn't like it at all.
But enough, now for the photos.

Soo, hier bin ich, wenn auch etwas spät. Aber wie versprochen kommt jetzt was über das letzte Wochenende. Wie schon erwähnt war ich mit Manami in Kassel auf der  diesjährigen Connichi.
Es war sooo awesome ! Ich hab so viele nette Leute kennen lernen, wurde 'ne Million mal fotografiert und habe mir endlich ein Mameshiba gekauft ;A; Manami trug etwas Gothic Lolita/Maid/Pocahontas-ähnliches mit einem selbstgenähten (!) kleid, während ich lieber etwas bequemes, Oshare/Pop Kei/Grunge-inspiriertes anzog. Samstag waren wir außerdem noch in der Stadt und haben Bubble Tea getrunken. Das Wetter war ziemlich sonnig und warm, was mir nicht so gepasst hat.
Aber egal, nun die Bilder.

Getting ready :D Bathroompics ftw.

Our Bubble Tea. Manami: Blue , Me: Strawberry Yoghurt *^*
The blue one tastes like bubble gum. :D

Somewhere in Kassel XD

So many great cosplayers there *_* I'm jealous :D

I loved their outfits *_* So cute . . . and pink !


Because Manami loves One Piece :D

Manami and her dress :D The socks are mine /D

I bought this shirt last year and it's still too big for me. I'm so small (and puffy) XD 

This girl took a photo of me. *_* And because I simply loved her outfit, I did the same to her /D

My baby and me *_*  It's wearing a suit. So cute, isn't it? I love Mameshiba ♥ Also bought a hairbow and some presents for my friends. ;o

Bubble Teeeaaa !

One Piece....again XD

And again, my full oufit ;D

♪ Outfit ♪
Shirt: NeoTokyo
Cardigan, Hairbows: Primark
Skirt: C&A
Leggins, Cross Necklace: New Yorker
Legwarmers, Jewellery: Offbrand
Shoes: Demonia
Gloves: Bijou Brigitte
Pink necklace, rainbow bracelet: Claire's

As you can see, we had a lot of fun. :3 I haven't planned anything for the next days, so let's see what I'll post next time. I'm totally in love with the new MV of SCREW for their new single XANADU. Tell me: What do you think about it?
Mata ne!

Wie man, denke ich, erkennen kann, hatten wir 'ne Menge Spaß. Für die nächsten Tage habe ich erstmal nichts geplant, also mal sehen, was folgen wird.
Ich stehe btw. total auf das neue MV von SCREW zu ihrer neuen Single XANADU. Was haltet ihr so davon?
Mata ne!


  1. i bought the mameshiba in the suit as well!! ^^ kawaii!!! <3

  2. AHAHAHAH!!!
    ICh hab dich gesehen an dem Tag :D

    1. ö_ö
      Dass dir das jetzt noch einfällt, haha :D Cool. ^_~