You don't know anything about me !

Hi there guys. I'm too lazy to translate my entry today, so just in english this time.
Actually I just wanted to show you some random photos I took today after school.
Well, I just washed my hair as usual but I left my make-up on. It was all messy and smudged ! And because wet hair looks kinda hot and my look reminded me a bit of Renee Phoenix from Fit For Rivals in their "Damage" music video, I decided to make it look a little more dramatic and take some photos. I'm pretty fine with the final result. It even looks a bit creepy !
So, here are the photos !

My favourite pic :3

Ahahaha, here you can see my gorgeous AFUCKINA SHIRT. Fail XD

unhealthy skin is unhealthy.

So, do you guys like the pics? I thought about sending Renee the first one on Twitter. Should I...?

Anyway, guess I have to straighten my hair and finish my homework now.
But before I go, I want to show you something...
After 29341032 I finally took a pic of my face - without make up and not edited.
Just because some people asked for it.
I feel ugly when I look like this, but feel free to tell my your opinion ! A classmate said, I look like a corpse XD

Still wet hair. XD

So, just a short entry for today. I'm off for now.
See you !

 And here the video. I just love Fit For Rivals !

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