Japantag 2014 ♪

Hellooo Internet!
I don't know if people are still reading this crap because it's far from interesting and I don't even enjoy blogging anymore...buuuut, yay, another entry!

The last week was...strange. I became ill out of a sudden and couldn't go to school (yay for my immune system for always being a complete bitch), my favourite band announced a European tour and well...this year's J-Day has happened.
But before I start writing about it, can we please appreciate the fact that BORN ARE COMING TO EUROPE!? I can't tell you how happy I was about these news. As you might now, I like them a lot and since a really long time...so it's kinda special for me. Hopefully I'll get to see them...wish me luck!
And yeah...that would mean that this year I'd see them with Lycaon and also in October, Asking Alexandria together with We Came As Romans. Sometimes being a fangirl & part of several bandoms can be awesome as fuck!

But now for the acutal topic - Japantag, whee!
This was my third time going there...not the best one... but also not the worst.
It was just special for me because I went there with my beloved Julice and it was our first Con together. ~ :3
Her sister Jade was so nice to drive us...and I guess the 3 hour long journey to Düsseldorf was pretty much the funniest thing that day. Singing the along to our favourite K-Pop songs using the misheard lyrics, yo!
The day itself was acutally rather stressful and in some parts boring.
But I met some people I got to know last year again and also Jojo, who I went with last year. It was so nice to see some friends again
Yeah...my outfit wasn't really special as well tbh. I felt really incomfortable with what I was wearing because of my body, even if I liked the outfit itself. But some random creeper thought it was necessary to spank my ass while passing by and ugh...what do some people think who they are !?
Let me tell you, I felt awkward as fuck.
I haven't even got some good pictures of myself, my outfit or the people I met because it was so hot outside and there were so many people that it was hard to find a way through the crowd and find a place to sit and when we finally found an empty spot, we were busy watching people, trying to find internet connection with our phones or....eating the food I brought because these 2 were to dumb to buy their own food. No, jk, it was okay for me.
Also this year I bought absolutely nothing except food and a present for my bro. I forced myself not to buy any more plushies because I already have a ton. And I wanted to save my money for Born ofc.
All in all the day was beautiful and I was with the people I love...but it was kind of disappointing in some ways...let's just say I was hoping for more.
Here are some of the pictures, whoop!

Yeah. That's it for this year's J-Day. Boring entry, I know...but oi, who cares? Nobody will read this anyways, yo.
Well then, I'm going to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow and go to bed. I'm too nervous to function at the moment.
Mata ne!


  1. Sorry fürs essen schnorren. Dank meiner Sis war der morgen ja total chaotisch, da hab ichs vergessen ;A;

    oh und btw, ich seh aus als würd ich ne shorts tragen :D:D:D

  2. ich war letztes jahr auf dem japantag und es war echt cool. vorallem das feuerwerk
    dieses jahr habe ich es leider nicht geschafft
    deine bilder sehen so cool aus :) scheint ein toller tag gewesen zu sein

    liebe grüße
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  3. Irgendwie waren alle vom Japantag so ein bisschen enttäuscht, hab ich das Gefühl... Sieht zwar cool aus, aber auch schon ziemlich voll :/ ich hab es irgendwie verpeilt, sonst wären wir bestimmt auch mal hingegangen.


  4. Dein Make up sieht hammer aus *__*
    Ich hätte gern das ganze Outfit gesehen, schade, aber ich denke bei der Hitze hätte ich auch kaum Bilder gemacht. XDD

  5. Ich mag dein Make Up so ;_; schade, dass es nicht mehr Bilder gibt ;O;

    1. Danke. <3
      Gibt es schon, aber die sehen leider so weird aus, dass ich sie nicht posten wollte. Kann ich dir sonst bei Gelegnheit mal zeigen! :)

  6. Oha, dir hat einfach einer so auf den Arsch gehauen? Heftige Leute.

    1. Yesss, einfach so im vorbeigehen.