Dream a little bigger ♪

Hey there everyone!

First, I'd like to apologise for being the shittiest blogger on this goddamn planet. I'm so inactive here haha. Sorry..
But at least I have some more or less new pictures that I want to share with you.

Last weekend I met my dear friend Anna again and we went to the city together.
We spent our time taking photos, derping around and in the evening we had some super delicious food at a restaurant.
As I told you in a previous post, I got a new camera, the Canon EOS 600D for Christmas. Mostly I use it for taking selfies or portraits of other person.
But this time I wanted to try something different.
Here are the photos I took that day...and some photos of me taken by Anna.

First stop: Weser promenade!
This place was so perfect to take photos. Also the weather was incredibly beautiful.

Later we went to a different place near a dog school or something.
Anna also asked me to take some pictures of her with her camera. Don't I have a pretty friend over there? (Thanks for allowing me to use your photo, cutie!)

The last week was more or less stressful and not really interesting. Except for Thursday...(I'm always tempted tow write therthday...u feel me, A9 fandom?)
My bestie Julice came over and we made a video together. Sadly my Movie Maker fucked it up so I wasn't able to upload it...but I will do so as soon as possible...hopefully.

Oh, this cute little fuck also got me the most awesome present ever.

Okay. To clear everything up, I couldn't go to the Miyavi concert in Cologne with her, even if we planned on going there together and anything. But yeah, my mom didn't want me to go for some reason. And that really sucked.
When we had our "1 year friendship anniversary" in December, Julice wrote me a cute text where she quoted a lot of songs. One of them was Miyavi's "Guard You". Time for the feels. No need to explain anything I think.
YOU GET ME? Not being able to go there was fucking hard for me. :DD
I nearly cried when she pulled thet shirt out of her bag and told me she bought it for me.
Seriously, that was so damn cute of her. I'm so lucky to have her as my best friend.
Some people might think "calm ya tits, it's just a shirt" but for me...it's more than that :3

Meow. Nothinh else interesting actually happened.
I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow, my grandma's funeral on tuesday and on wednesday I'll probably go out with some friends. Hah, the sweet smell of having holidays. ♪

Time to say "mata ne" again, I think :3


  1. yeah, calm ya tits, kazo. JK :DDDD

  2. Ist voll lieb von deiner Freundin, dass die dir das Shirt mitgenommen hat ^^

  3. WUNDERSCHÖN! *_* Die Bilder sind wunderbar