You Me At Six @ Knust, Hamburg 11.03.2014

Hey there lovelies.
I've been a lazy ass during the last weeks. Well, mostly because nothing important really happened. I was sick for a while...well, actually I still am... and the only thing I did was filming a new video which I haven't even edited yet. But I will do so as soon as possible.
Most of the time I was just waiting for this weeks' Tuesday.
The day I finally got to see another one of my favourite bands. This time it was You Me At Six!

Well, let's say it was the most horrible concert, yet one of the most wonderful ones I ever been to.
The band was so good, the setlist was perfect and their support band (Deaf Havana!) was cool as well..
I never met people that ruthless, seriously.

The 'Knust' is a very small venue and it was completely sold out. But still some idiots from the last rows thought it was cool to push the whole crowd forward, start a childish wannabe moshpit and a not so skinny girl next to me hit my face with her elbows a few times and was close to taking off my shirt with the bag she had on that hit me all the time when she started jumping. I nearly lost my phone because people were slamming against me, pushing me to the sides and during a few songs I was barely even able to breathe because everything felt like people were pressed against me from all sides. Luckily I survived everything.
Most of the time I wasn't able to enjoy the concert..but I tried my best not to pass out and I somehow managed to fully enjoy my favourite songs from their new album.


Too Young To Feel This Old
Fresh Start Fever
Stay With Me
The Swarm
Little Death
Forgive and Forget
Room to Breathe
Liquid Confidence
Cold Night
Wild Ones

Bite My Tongue
Lived a Lie 

They started off with playing "Too Young To Feel This Old" from their newest album "Cavalier Youth". I pretty much enjoyed the beginning because it's one of their songs that really cheers me up everytime. It's so positive and romantic, huehue.
"Fresh Start Fever" was nice as well, but I got pushed forward quite a lot during this song. But that didn't really matter at that point.
"Stay With Me" was one of my highlights, mainly because it's mine and my best friend Julice's song. I managed to fully record it, but guess I won't upload it on here.
"The Swarm" was just horrible because at that point I first freaked out because of these fucking ruthless, ignorant people behind me. I already lost the people I went there with...but from that point on the disrespectful chick I mentioned was standing next to me and ugh.

Girl, if you're reading this. Concerts are about enjoying the music and having fun. Not about taking pictures and getting noticed by the members. 

Afterwards they played "Little Death" and "Loverboy", 2 of my favourite songs from "Sinners Never Sleep".
"Forgive And Forget" was actually my least favourite song from the new album...but I was surprised by how awesome it sounded when they played it live. Josh's voice is just amazing, unf.
"Room To Breathe"...well, that was what I wished for as well! Haha. for "Underdog" ... an old one...that I like a whole lot. Same goes for "Liquid Confidence". I just couldn't understand how you can scream and jump around during a song that emotional and cute.
Next songs that followed were probably my favourites moments that evening. "Cold Night" and "Wild Ones"... just so beautiful. 
What I personally love about YMAS is that they can pull off rockish kind of songs as well as slower love songs like these.

The encore started with "Reckless". If you haven't listened to this song at least once, you should do so immediately. It's a song you can really dance to and sing along because the lyrics are so great and easy to remember. After this, they played "Bite My Tongue". This song doesn't just consist clean vocals. Originally the screaming-part was sung by Oliver Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon. But Josh did a great job at screaming...god damn, I was impressed!
What bothered me were these kids that were trying to mosh but ended up looking more like little children doing a polonaise (or whatever it's called in english)
They finished the show with playing "Lived A Lie" .. and for the first time I was thankful that a concert was over because I needed to go outside so badly.

After the people I met up with left, I went to the back of the venue and waited. And waited. And waited.
But then, finally Max showed up. And only a few minutes later, Josh did as well. I was able to talk to both of them and take a photo with them and asdfghjkl they're not just talented and good looking, they're also totally nice and they have a great sense of humor, not to mention the fact that british accents are a major turn-on.

I had to censor my face becaus I looked ugly as fuck.

Another thing that made me laugh was Josh hating against Bayern München on can imagine what the reactions were like if you know a bit about german football clubs.

All in all I can say what I already mentioned at the beginning of this post.
The band was amazing, the people were shitty. But I wouldn't mind going to a YMAS concert again, this time just standing in the back and having fun there. Because they sound gorgeous live and what really counts is the music obviously.

That's it for today! 
I have to go now and for the next days I'm preparing a huge change for this blog, so don't be surprised. I'm going to change the title, the design and of course the url, hopefully.
Just because I got tired of this old stuff :DD
So, mata ne!

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