PVRIS @ Luxor, Cologne 21.04.2016

Hey folks!

About two weeks ago, on the 21st of April to be exact, I finally saw one of my favourite bands live again: PVRIS. It was my second time seeing them but unlike last time, where they were supporting BMTH on their EU tour, they were doing a headlining tour. Also the concert wasn't exactly around the corner for me: I (well, my dad actually) drove all the way from my hometown to Cologne to see them perform at a tiny venue called Luxor. And the best thing about it: I had a VIP Upgrade, which means I got to meet the band, Prepare for an entry full of fangirling, ranting about some douchebags and a photo in which my face looks like a pancake.

I arrived at the venue pretty late, but just in time for the VIP entry. I think I was there around 5:30pm and the doors for us opened at 6. While queueing I met a nice guy named Daniel who I ended up spending the whole concert with because both of us would've been alone otherwise. Turned out we nearly have the same taste in music.
We entered the venue and were given the stuff included in the VIP package at first: A photobook, a limited shirt which was designed by Lynn and the typical VIP laminate.

VIP stuff feat. the beanie I bought there and really love 

After that, we had to wait for a few minutes until the M&G started.
It all went by so fast.
I met them, was greeted by everyone, hugged them, got them to sign my photobook, took a photo with them and after that, it was already over.
I wish there would've been more time for everyone, but I get that it's not possible.
Nevertheless, it was a great experience. Everyone in PVRIS is so nice and welcoming to their fans. And as most of you probably know, I have a major crush on Lynn, so when I hugged her I asked her if there was a time limit for a hug and guess what, she hugged me again. I still can't get over how lovely she is! Also Alex is a dork. When he signed the photobook he wrote "oop" next to the giant "P" on the cover. Now my photobook has written poop all over it and I love it.

The infamous Poop-Photobook...

My face looks like such a pancake and Lynn seemed like she wasn't impressed that I wanted another hug, but anyway here's the picture.

The show itself was supposed to start at 8pm. But we were waiting and waiting and 15 minutes later the stage was still empty. Luckily I had some people to talk to, so it wasn't that boring, but still we were wondering what the support band was up to.
Turned out they've been stuck in traffic for 5 hours and could not make it to the venue in time.
Therefore, PVRIS were entering the stage at 20:30 already, half an hour earlier than usual.
And holy crap, it was amazing.

Even though it wasn't my first time seeing PVRIS, everything was SO overwhelming. I feel like they've improved their live show in the past few months. Lynn has such a strong, powerful voice and she sounds like she is constantly getting better at everything she does. I'm also a big fan of their touring drummer, Justin. He isn't an 'official' member of the band, but he should be. Such a talented dude!
They started off their set with "Smoke", my absolute favourite song from their Album "White Noise" which they played in full length that evening. Apart from that, they also played "Only Love", a very emotional song from their Acoustic EP.
Sometimes we were holding up our phones instead of lighters to create a suitable atmosphere for the slower songs and at other times we were jumping around and singing along like crazy. Perfect mixture all in all.
But my favourite part was probably when Lynn told us to put our phones in the back pocket of our jeans for the next song, which was "Holy" . To me, this was a great gesture. It really shows that the band wants us to enjoy the music and have fun at the concert without being distracted by a stupid phone. Of course there were some dumb people who thought it was cool to do the exact opposite, but yeah, there are certain types of people you have to deal with at every concert, no matter where you go.

Here's the full setlist from that day:

St. Patrick
White Noise
Only Love
Let Them In

You and I
My House

When they came back on stage for the encore, Lynn was holding up a German flag with the band's logo on that they were given by some fans. Then she promised that PVRIS would come back very soon and oh dear, I really hope so! They are AMAZING live.They put so much effort and enthusiasm into their set and also interact with the crowd a lot. I reaaaally want to see them again.
Plus, I also met some super nice people thanks to them. Not only that I got to know Daniel that evening,
 I also met Kirsten who is a super talented photographer from Cologne. After chatting a bit she offered me to let me use a few of the photos she took that evening because I let her stand in front of me. So, the upcoming photos are taken by her!

Please do me a favour and check out her Facebook or Instagram for more photos. She is super lovely and her work deserves to be seen. :)

I think it's time to finish up that long ass entry here.
Thanks for coming here, I'll be back again soon (hopefully)

See ya!

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