April Recap & other stuff ♡

Hi Internet!
Hope you're doing good.
After a few rather stressful weeks at school I finally came up with some motivation to blog again.
Over the past month I collected a bunch of photos I want to share with you.

At the end of the easter holidays I finally managed to get a new piercing. I decided for an Industrial because I wanted it for ages already! This photo was taken right after I got it, using my crappy phone camera, but you can already see me wearing it in the photos from my last entry. 
Thankfuully, it's healing very well after it was incredibly painful at first. But yeah...I love it!

The day after I went to my first little job as a photograoher *laughs*
My brother (the dude on the left) asked me to take some photos of his band. This is my favourite one out of all and believe me, we took quite many after we found a nice place to shoot.
Although the place wasn't as cool as it looks in the pics. Who am I kidding.
There was so much stuff lying around (like used condoms for example) and there was a giant penis drawn on the wall.

My favourite part about spring are definitely the blossoming trees. This beautiful pink really brightened up my ugly village. 
If it wasn't for the hayfever, I'd love spring even more. Being allergic really sucks sometimes.

The other day I went over to visit my boyfriend and because the weather was so beautiful, we actually left the house for once and used this oppurtunity to take a few selfies. Mostly we were just derping around...but that's usually what we do best,

On 27th April, it was my birthday. I finally turned 18! Well...I didn't have a party or anything because I have like 3 friends, but at least I spent some time with my favourite people and got some really cute presents!

Best thing you can get a Potterhead: a wand.
My boyfriend visited me at school that day when I had 2 free lessons, even though he didn't really have time, just to hand me this. Now I'm the proud owner of Luna Lovegood's wand. This still makes me so happy!

When turning 18, people tend to get you some awfully ironical presents. And so did my friend Caro. She got me a box containing 18 useless things I might need in my future life. It literally included everything from cookies, to condoms, lighters, alcohol, fake nails and a fairy wand.

 I also went to a Mexican restaurant with my parents and I couldn't resist taking a photo of my food, haha. #Hipster much?

People who follow me on Twitter might have noticed that I developed a huge obsession with the band PVRIS and their singer Lynn Gunn. (Check them out if you don't know them, they're awesome!) It all ended with me dressing & doing my make-up like her and filming everything to put it on You Tube.
Here's the finished video for those of you who are interested:

And that's it for today!
I'm gonna enjoy my days off now.
See you soon!


  1. Hach Darling <3 das Industrial steht dir toll!!! Und ich find das Selfie von dir und deinem Freund toll <3 und der Zauberstab Q____Q

    Und die Lynn Bilder - klasse!

  2. Das Bild von dir und deinem Freund ist mal mega-süß ^^

  3. Alles Gute nachträglich! ^^
    Das Foto von dir und deinem Freund ist wirklich süß, hihi. :)
    Ich hoffe dein Piercing heilt gut. Du hast ja gleich schon den langen Stab drin.
    Und jaa, ohne Heuschnupfen wäre das Leben im Frühling/Sommer echt viel schöner, ne? +_+

    1. Viiieeelen Dank!
      Ja, es heilt tatsächlich echt super. Bin auch ziemlich überrascht, was das anging. Mein Piercer war mutig. :D