Purple Hair (How Kazu ruined her hair for the 3848934 time)

Hi guys.

Some of you wanted to see my new haircolour. Oh well...
I can tell you, I really dont like it. The colour turned out fine and everything...but I don't think it really suits me. The dye I used is Violet by Directions just btw.
I mixed it up with conditioner and it turned out like a really bright purple, exactly how I wanted it. But still, I don't like it.
I'm going to dye my hair back to a natural colour next week, so have some pictures of ugly purple Kazu with her current haircolour. (Well, acutally the colour faded even more...but I have no pictures of it since I was busy with school and our trip to Berlin)

Shitty webcam pic right after dyeing it.

Toilet selfies ftw ! First day of school :D My straightener went brokoro...but I already have a new one.

After washing it with anti-dandruff shampoo twice.

Today I washed my hair again. Some parts of my hair are blonde again, some are silver-ish white but most of it still looks lavender. The good with purple hair dye is that when it fades, it has the same effect as silver shampoo: Removing the yellow from your blonde hair.
But since light blonde looks absolutely horrible on me, I don' really care about it. I just want my boring hair back. :DDD

Mata ne~ ♥


  1. Meeeh but it looked really great on you *-*

  2. Ich finds gar nicht mal übel an dir. ^^ Ich hatte meine Haare recht ähnlich, 2012 im Winter und mochte es eigentlich gern, aber als es sich verwaschen hat wurde es komisch grünlich. o___O

    1. Wie kann lila bitte grünlich werden? Hatte es einen Blaustich? :D
      Meine blauen Haare sind eklig grün geworden und vor ca. 2 Jahren hatte ich mal knallrote Haare, die dann irgendwann Orange wurden...aber ich glaube ich habe jetzt auch mal abgeschlossen mit bunten Haaren. XD