J-Day 2013

Hi minna ^0^
Today I have kind of a special blogpost for you. After 2 years I finally had the chance to go to the "Japantag" in Düsseldorf again. The last time I went there was nothing but a horrible fail and I was pretty afraid that it would turn out like this again this time. But I can tell you, IT WAS EPIC !

So, I had to get up very early because I always need years to get ready for a con. And you have to drive at least 2 1/2h from Hameln to Düsseldorf. So we met at the station at 9am and then went there with Jojos parents. I was so happy that they took me with them ! So nice of them. ♥

Caro as a schoolgirl, Jojo as the female version of Sanji from One Piece and then...there's me,  Potato !

I had to wear a different outfit from what I actually planned because of the weather...

Caro looks like a japanese schoolgirl in here, hahaha !
Pedobear is watching you.
 At about 12pm we finally arrived in Düsseldorf. First thing we did: Taking a short break to take some derpy pictures !

After this we walked around, took a look at all the awesome cosplayers and shitty, awkward dressed people before we sat down somewhere to eat the food we brought. Jojo made some super delicious cookies, Caro brought some as well and also food that was a bit more healthy and I had some snacks and Ice Tea with me. The weather was sooo great and everyone around us was so friendly.


Caro-chan got herself a Katekyo Hitman Reborn cardgame. :D

Button I bought XD It says "Uke? Seme? I'm flexible !"
If you know what I mean...

I also found a CN Blue bracelet. I can't tell you how happy I was when I noticed it. And because I love CN Blue,  I made i mine ♥

After quite a while, a cute girl came over and hugged me. I've never seen her before so I was a bit confused. But oh well, she wanted one of our cookies. Jojo was so nice to share them, so we sat together eating cookies and I failed around a bit while writing Laura, the girl I told you about, a shitty conhon entry. Never did that before..
Laura, Alex and a cookie ! 


Oh, look ! Mango Juice !

Well, as it started to rain, we decided to leave our place because Caro was hungry and I wanted to buy some presents for my cutie and my brother. So we walked around when someone suddenly hugged me from behind. And guess who that certain someone was? Right. Laura !

We took a pic together because she was sooo cuuute !
Ok..I look shitty...
We decided to eat something with their group and walked around a bit in the city, but all the restaurants were full and.. I dunno... 8 people were too much XD So we went back, parted again and then Caro and me had Yakitori what was SO YUMMY !
Sadly we didn't meet the other group again because we decided to walk around another time before we finally left. At about half past five we met up with Jojos parents again before we went home a bit earlier because they wanted to watch the very important football match. XD

Some plushie straps I bought. An Alpaca-dressed Korilakkuma for Ryo, a Palkia for my bro and a Totoro and a pink mushroom for me ♥

And because Julice loves Big Bang, I got her this bracelet.

Pedobear Button, also for my brother XDD

All in all it was a great day, even if I was nothing but tired and exhausted in the evening. But I met so meany nice people and had a lots of fun with my friends. I need to thank everyone who made this day such a special one for me. Hopefully next year will be awesome again.


  1. I still can't really believe that the BigBang bracelet is going to be... MINE! *^*
    Again, thanks a lot, you cute kartoschka. xD

    1. Stfu, Kartoschka, it's just a bracelet :P

  2. It was so cool to meet you there, but the cookie-picture xD I look like ... wääh~ >o< hope I see you again next yeahr :D


    1. Yeeeeaaay, let's meet again as soon as possible and take some better pictures :D

  3. Ha ha tolle Bilder *__* Und CNBLUE!!!! *__*
    btw~ i like your outfit ^^

    1. Hihi, danke schööön.
      Jaaa, CN Blue sind toll. Ich hoffe, sie schauen auf ihrer World Tour auch mal hier vorbei ♥

  4. Du siehst soooo toll aus :3 <33 richtig niedlich *-*